Title: UP2010: Have Observations Revealed a Variable Upper End of the Initial Mass Function?
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Editors: Treyer, Marie
The stellar initial mass function (IMF) is a fundamental parameter that not
only encodes the complex astrophysics of star formation, but is also crucial for
interpreting the vast majority of observations made in extragalactic
astronomy.Therefore, it is imperative to constrain its functional form, and the
manner in which it may vary between different environments.
These are the proceedings of a scientific workshop that brought together
astronomers from the international community to review the ensemble of
accumulated observational evidence constraining the massive end of the IMF,
and to debate recent work challenging the standard assumption that it has a
universal form.
Spirited arguments, both supporting and disputing the universality of the
IMF, are presented in this volume. A unique aspect of this collection of papers
is that it covers a wide range of approaches, from standard methods based on
resolved observations of massive stars in the Milky Way and other nearby
galaxies, to the more recent work on integrated light observations of star
clusters and more distant galaxies as a whole.This volume provides a broad view of the current state of research on measuring
the number distribution of high mass stars in a range of environments. It
is useful for both astronomers seeking a general introduction as well as active
researchers of the topic.
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Volume Cover Treyer, Marie
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I. The Initial Mass Function in Star Clusters: Observations and Theory   
Up2010 Introduction: Massive Star Formation and the Upper End of the IMF 3 Zinnecker, H.
Cluster Mass Dependent Truncation of the Upper IMF: Evidence from Observations and Simulations 11 Clarke, C.; Maschberger, T.
The Galaxy-wide IMF - from Star Clusters to Galaxies 19 Weidner, C.; Pflamm-Altenburg, J.; Kroupa, P.
The Slope of the Upper End of the IMF and the Upper Mass Limit: An Observer's Perspective 29 Massey, P.
Around the Tarantula and into the Arches: A Salpeter IMF in the Field and in Clusters 39 Selman, F. J.; Espinoza, P.; Melnick, J.
RCW 108: Star formation in a Nearby Troubled Environment 47 Comerón, F.; Schneider, N.
Clusters Near the Center of the Galaxy - How Weird is Their IMF? 55 Stolte, A.
Clarifying our View of Star Formation in Massive Young Clusters with Adaptive Optics 63 Lu, J. R.; Clarkson, W.; McCrady, N.; Ghez, A. M.; Morris, M. R.; Stolte, A.; Yelda, S.; Do, T.
OB Stars in Stochastic Regimes 73 Oey, M. S.; Lamb, J. B.; Werk, J. K.; Clarke, C. J.
Mass-loss Rates for Very Massive Stars Up to 300 Solar Masses 83 Vink, J. S.
How Radiation Feedback Affects Fragmentation and the IMF 91 Krumholz, M. R.
The Effect of Environment on Massive Star Formation 99 Smith, R. J.; Clark, P. C.; Glover, S. C. O.; Bonnell, I. A.; Klessen, R. S.
Competitive Accretion in Sheet Geometry and the Stellar IMF 107 Hsu, W.; Hartmann, L.; Heitsch, F.; Gómez, G. C.
II. Resolved Stellar Populations in Nearby Galaxies and Implications for the Initial Mass Function   
The Cluster Birthline and the Formation of Stellar Clusters in M33 117 Corbelli, E.; Giovanardi, C.; Grossi, M.
A New Method for Measuring the Upper End of the IMF 125 Calzetti, D.; Chandar, R.; Lee, J. C.; Elmegreen, B. G.; Kennicutt, R. C.; Whitmore, B. C.
Color-Magnitude Diagrams, Probabilistic Synthesis Models and the Upper Mass Limit of the Initial Mass Function 133 Cerviño, M.; Pérez, E.; Sánchez, N.; Román-Zúñiga, C.; Valls-Gabaud, D.
The Massive Star Content of Circumnuclear Star Clusters in M83 143 Wofford, A.; Chandar, R.; Leitherer, C.
Resolved Stars in M83 Based on HST/WFC3 Early Release Science Observations 149 Kim, H.; Whitmore, B. C.; Windhorst, R. A.
SLUG: A New Way to Stochastically Light Up Galaxies 155 Fumagalli, M.; da Silva, R.; Krumholz, M.; Bigiel, F.
Luminous Stars in Galaxies Beyond 3 Mpc 161 Whitmore, B. C.; WFC3 Science Oversight Committee
Constraints on the Field Star IMF from Resolved Stellar Populations Based Star Formation Histories 169 Weisz, D. R.
III. Constraints on the Initial Mass Function from Integrated Measurements of Galaxies   
UV/Hα Turmoil 179 Lee, J. C.; de Paz, A. G.; Tremonti, C.; Kennicutt, R.; Loval Volume Legacy Team
Upper End IMF Variations Deduced from HI-Selected Galaxies 189 Meurer, G. R.
Observational Constraints to the Initial Mass Function in Normal Late-Type Galaxies 199 Boselli, A.; Boissier, S.; Cortese, L.; Buat, V.; Hughes, T.; Gavazzi, G.
The Role of Extended Ultraviolet Disk (XUV-disk) Galaxies in the IMF Controversy 209 Thilker, D. A.
How Star-Formation Rate Indicators Vary with Methods of Sampling the IMF and Duplicity 217 Eldridge, J. J.
Fitting the SEDs of Galaxies in the Local Volume 227 Johnson, B. D.
Hα and UV imaging of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies and Extended UV Disks 235 Wyder, T. K.; Treyer, M. A.
Characterizing Ultraviolet Excesses in the Outskirts of a Local Early-Type Sample 241 Meyer, J. D.; van Gorkom, J.; Schiminovich, D.
IMF, Extinction Law, and Stellar Populations in Dwarf Galaxies – Global Photometry of the LITTLE THINGS Galaxies 247 Zhang, H.; Hunter, D.; LITTLE THINGS team
Evidence for Initial Mass Function Variations from the Integrated Light of Sloan Digital Sky Survey Galaxies 251 Hoversten, E. A.; Glazebrook, K.
Top-heavy Initial Mass Functions in Ultra-compact Dwarf Galaxies? 261 Dabringhausen, J.; Kroupa, P.
Applications of the IGIMF Theory to the Astrophysics of Galaxies 269 Pflamm-Altenburg, J.; Weidner, C.; Kroupa, P.
The Role of the Integrated Galactic Initial Mass Function in the Chemical Evolution of the Solar Neighborhood 279 Calura, F.; Recchi, S.; Matteucci, F.; Kroupa, P.
What Is This Thing Called the Schmidt Law? 289 Madore, B. F.
Galaxy And Mass Assembly: The Star Formation Rate Dependence of the Stellar Initial Mass Function 299 Gunawardhana, M. L. P.; Hopkins, A. M.; GAMA team
The Upper Initial Mass Function from Ultraviolet Spectral Lines 309 Leitherer, C.
Extreme Starbursts and the Low Mass IMF 317 Scoville, N.; Li, G.
IV. Constraints on the Evolution of the Initial Mass Function over Cosmic Time   
Measuring the Upper End of the Initial Mass Function with Supernovae 329 Neill, J. D.
Type IIn Supernova Detections in z∼2 Lyman Break Galaxies: Probing the IMF Directly 337 Cooke, J.; Sullivan, M.; Barton, E. J.; Ellis, R. S.; Gal-Yam, A.
The Turbulent ISM of Galaxies about 10 Gyrs Ago: An Impact on their IMF? 345 Le Tiran, L.; Lehnert, M. D.
The Odd Meanderings of the IMF Across Cosmic Time 353 Davé, R.
Identifying Variations to the IMF at High-z Through Deep Radio Surveys 361 Murphy, E. J.
Do Sub-Millimeter Galaxy Number Counts Provide Evidence for a Top-Heavy IMF? 369 Hayward, C. C.; Narayanan, D.; Jonsson, P.; Cox, T. J.; Kereš, D.; Hopkins, P. F.; Hernquist, L.
Constraining the IMF with the Cosmic Spectral Energy Distribution 377 Wilkins, S. M.
Reconciling the Star Formation and Stellar Mass Densities 385 Reddy, N. A.
Testing the Star Formation Law in Bulgeless Disk Galaxies 393 Watson, L.; Martini, P.; Böker, T.; Lisenfeld, U.; Schinnerer, E.; Wong, M.-H.
Galaxies at z∼ 7 and Cold Gas at z∼ 1.6 397 Giavalisco, M.
Accretion Regulated Star Formation in Late-Type Galaxies 403 Pflamm-Altenburg, J.; Hensler, G.
Summing Up-2010 407 Gallagher III, J. S.; Ferguson, H.; Calzetti, D.; Lee, J. C.
Back Matter 440 Treyer, Marie