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Paper: How Star-Formation Rate Indicators Vary with Methods of Sampling the IMF and Duplicity
Volume: 440, UP2010: Have Observations Revealed a Variable Upper End of the Initial Mass Function?
Page: 217
Authors: Eldridge, J. J.
Abstract: Using our new Binary Population and Spectral Synthesis (BPASS) code we explore the effect of binary populations on the integrated spectra of galaxies. We also explore the interplay of binary populations and a varying maximum stellar mass. We compare our synthetic populations to observations of Hα emission from isolated clusters and Hα and FUV observations of galaxies. We find that observations tend to favour a pure stochastic sampling of the initial mass function although the evidence is not significant. We also find that binaries make a stellar population less susceptible to the stochastic effects of filling the IMF, therefore making it more difficult to determine if there is a variable maximum stellar mass.
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