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Paper: IMF, Extinction Law, and Stellar Populations in Dwarf Galaxies – Global Photometry of the LITTLE THINGS Galaxies
Volume: 440, UP2010: Have Observations Revealed a Variable Upper End of the Initial Mass Function?
Page: 247
Authors: Zhang, H.; Hunter, D.; LITTLE THINGS team
Abstract: We have assembled a multi-wavelength dataset, including deep interferometric HI maps, on a representative sample of 41 relatively nearby gas-rich dwarf irregular galaxies (LITTLE THINGS or LT). These data trace stellar populations, gas content, and dynamics for the purpose of testing and modifying star formation models. Here we present preliminary analysis of global photometry for 37 galaxies (two are not included in the LT sample). We include GALEX FUV/NUV, optical UBV, and IRAC 3.6μm photometry. Surface photometry was done for all bands with the same elliptical apertures.
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