Title: Astronomical Polarimetry 2008: Science from Small to Large Telescopes
Volume: 449 Year: 2012 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Pierre Bastien
This conference is the most recent in a series of meetings on Astronomical Polarimetry. Previous conferences were held in
1995 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy New York, and at the Waikoloa Beach Resort in Hawaii in 2004. This conference
explored recent progress in astronomical polarimetry at
ultraviolet, optical, infrared, submillimeter, and millimeter wavelengths.
The invited reviews, contributed papers, and poster papers included in this volume discuss polarimetric techniques and
instrumentation, theory and modeling, the solar system, interstellar dust and gas, star formation, circumstellar disks and extrasolar planets, stars and stellar magnetism, galaxies, radio galaxies, active galactic nuclei, and high-redshift cosmological
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Front Matter Pierre Bastien
Conference Photos 1 Pierre Bastien
Part I. Instrumentation   
Techniques and Instrumentation in Near-Infrared and Mid-Infrared Polarimetry 3 Jones, T. J.
Variable-delay Polarization Modulators (VPMs) for Far-infrared through Millimeter Astronomy 9 Chuss, D. T.; Voellmer, G.; Wollack, E. J.; Moseley, S. H.; Novak, G.; Krejny, M.; Walker, C. K.; Kulesa, C.; D'Aubigny, C. Y. D.; Golish, D.; Loewenstein, R. F.; Bennett, C. L.; Zeng, L.; Eimer, J.
VEGA: A Visible Spectrograph and Polarimeter for the CHARA Interferometer 15 Stee, P.; Mourard, D.; Bonneau, D.; Clausse, J.; Blazit, A.; Chesneau, O.; Perraut, K.; McAlister, H.; Brummelaar, T. t.; Sturmann, J.; Sturmann, L.; Turner, N.
Astronomical Applications for “Radial Polarimetry'' 21 Snik, F.
First Science Results from the High Speed SAAO Photo-polarimeter 27 Potter, S.; Buckley, D.; O'Donoghue, D.; O'Connor, J.; Fourie, P.; Evans, G.; Sass, C.; Crause, L.; Butters, O.; Norton, A.; Mukai, K.; Still, M.
Design and Prototype Results of the ExPo Imaging Polarimeter 33 Rodenhuis, M.; Canovas, H.; Jeffers, S.; Keller, C.
Extended Commissioning and Calibration of the Dual-Beam Imaging Polarimeter 39 Masiero, J.; Hodapp, K.; Harrington, D.; Lin, H.
High Accuracy Imaging Polarimetry with NICMOS 44 Batcheldor, D.; Schneider, G.; Hines, D. C.; Schmidt, G. D.; Axon, D. J.; Robinson, A.; Sparks, W.; Tadhunter, C.
Instrumentation for Far-IR and Submillimeter Polarimetry 50 Novak, G.
Polarization Calibration of the QUaD Experiment 63 Hinderks, J. R.; Ade, P.; Bock, J.; Bowden, M.; Brown, M. L.; Cahill, G.; Carlstrom, J. E.; Castro, P. G.; Church, S.; Culverhouse, T.; Friedman, R.; Ganga, K.; Gear, W. K.; Gupta, S.; Harris, J.; Haynes, V.; Kovac, J.; Lange, A. E.; Leitch, E.; Mallie, O. E.; Melhuish, S.; Memari, Y.; Murphy, A.; Orlando, A.; Schwarz, R.; Sullivan, C. O.; Piccirillo, L.; Pryke, C.; Rajguru, N.; Rusholme, B.; Taylor, A. N.; Thompson, K. L.; Tucker, C.; Turner, A. H.; Wu, E. Y. S.; Zemcov, M.
POL-2: The SCUBA-2 Polarimeter 68 Bastien, P.; Bissonnette, E.; Simon, A.; Coudé, S.; Ade, P.; Savini, G.; Pisano, G.; Leclerc, M.; Bernier, S.; Landry, J.; Houde, M.; Hezareh, T.; Naylor, D. A.; Gom, B. G.; Jenness, T.; Berry, D. S.; Johnstone, D.; Matthews, B. C.
Polarimetry at the U.K. Infrared Telescope 74 Adamson, A.; Davis, C.; Chrysostomou, A.; Shannon, M.; Hough, J.
Characterization of the Cross Talk Between Linear and Circular Polarization for the FORS1 Instrument of the ESO VLT 76 Bagnulo, S.; Sterzik, M.; Fossati, L.
Data Reduction Approach for the Extreme Polarimeter 79 Canovas, H.; Rodenhuis, M.; Jeffers, S. V.; Keller, C. U.
A Detector for Cosmic Microwave Background Polarimetry 81 Chuss, D.; Cao, N.; Denis, K.; Hsieh, W.; Moseley, S.; Schneider, G.; Stevenson, T.; Travers, D.; K.U-Yen; Wollack, E.
Wide-Field One-Shot Optical Polarimeter: HOWPol 83 Kawabata, K. S.; Nagae, O.; Chiyonobu, S.; Tanaka, H.; Miyamoto, H.; Nakaya, H.; Suzuki, M.; Kamata, Y.; Miyazaki, S.; Hiragi, K.; Yamanaka, M.; Arai, A.; Yamashita, T.; Uemura, M.; Ohsugi, T.; Isogai, M.; Ishitobi, Y.; Sato, S.
A Far Infrared Modulating Spectropolarimeter 85 Savini, G.; Ade, P. A. R.
Part II. Interstellar Matter and Molecular Clouds   
Spectropolarimetry of Interstellar Dust and Ice Features 93 Whittet, D. C. B.
Multi-Scale Analysis of Magnetic Fields in and around OMC-1, OMC-2, and OMC-3 105 Poidevin, F.; Bastien, P.; Jones, T. J.; Matthews, B. C.
Magnetic Fields in An Isolated Rotating Massive Dense Clump 111 Shinnaga, H.; Dowell, C. D.; Vaillancourt, J.; Phillips, T. G.; Attard, M.; Hildebrand, R.; Houde, M.; Kirby, L.; Krejny, M.; Leeuw, L.; Li, H.; Novak, G.; Davidson, J.
Alignment of Dust by Radiative Torque: Recent Developments 116 Lazarian, A.; Hoang, T.
Observational Evidence for Radiative Interstellar Grain Alignment 134 Andersson, B.; Potter, S. B.; Andersson, B.; Potter, S.
Ground-state Alignment: New Magnetic Field Diagnostics in Diffuse Medium 139 Yan, H.; Lazarian, A.
Atomic Fluorescence and Prospects for Observing Magnetic Geometry Using Atomic Magnetic Realignment 147 Nordsieck, K.
The Magnetic Structure of the Pipe Nebula as Revealed by Optical Polarimetry 152 Alves, F.; Franco, G.; Girart, J. M.
Does Purcell Alignment Work, After All?: Multi-Band Polarimetry of Stars Behind IC 63 154 Andersson, B.; Piirola, V.
Interstellar Polarization at High Galactic Latitudes: A New Insight 157 Berdyugin, A.; Piirola, V.; Teerikorpi, P.
Study of Polarization Maps from Numerical Simulations 159 Falceta-Gonçalves, D.; Lazarian, A.
Magnetic Field Morphology Studied by Multi-scale Polarimetry in and around the Filamentary Dark Cloud GF-9 161 Poidevin, F.; Bastien, P.
Hertz and SCUBA: Submillimeter Polarimetry of Molecular Clouds from Mauna Kea 163 Vaillancourt, J. E.; Matthews, B. C.
Part III. Galactic Plane and Star Formation   
Observations of Polarized Dust Emission at Far-infrared through Millimeter Wavelengths 169 Vaillancourt, J. E.
GPIPS - The Galactic Plane Infrared Polarization Survey 182 Clemens, D.; Pinnick, A.; Pavel, M.; Taylor, B.; Carveth, C.; Jameson, K.; Moreau, J.
Diffuse Microwave Emission of the Interstellar Medium: Intensity and Polarization 187 Miville-Deschenes, M.
Near-Infrared Polarimetry Toward the Galactic Center 202 Nishiyama, S.; Tamura, M.; Hatano, H.; Kanai, S.; Kurita, M.; Sato, S.; Nagata, T.
Wide-Field Near-Infrared Polarimetry of the Rho Ophiuchi Core: Magnetic Field Structures 207 Tamura, M.; Hashimoto, J.; Kandori, R.; Kusakabe, N.; Nakajima, Y.; Saito, H.; Nishiyama, S.; Hatano, H.; Sato, Y.; Fukue, T.; Nagata, T.; Sato, S.; Hough, J.; IRSF/SIRIUS Team
Magnetic Fields in Three Dimensions 213 Houde, M.
Simultaneous Determination of the Cosmic Ray Ionization Rate and Fractional Ionization in DR21(OH) 225 Hezareh, T.; Houde, M.; Vastel, C.; Peng, R.
Circular Polarization in Scattered Light and the Process of Light Scattering in OMC1 230 Matsumura, M.; Bastien, P.
Hunting for Methanol Masers in the 200-300 GHz Range 236 Chitsazzadeh, S.; McCoey, C.; Houde, M.; Hezareh, T.
Wide-Field Near-Infrared Polarimetry of Star Forming Regions: A Nest of Infrared Reflection Nebulae in the NGC 6334 Region 238 Hashimoto, J.; Tamura, M.; Kandori, R.; Kusakabe, N.; Nakajima, Y.; Kurita, M.; Nagata, T.; Nagayama, T.; Hough, J.; Chrysostomou, A.
The Galactic Magnetic Field Toward 12 Open Clusters 240 Pinnick, A.; Clemens, D.
Light Echo Polarization for Geometric Distance Measurement 242 Sparks, W. B.; Bond, H.
Near-Infrared Polarimetry of the Serpens Cloud Core 244 Sugitani, K.; Tamura, M.; Watanabe, M.; IRSF/SIRPOL Team
Part IV. Stellar Magnetic Fields   
Stellar Magnetic Fields 249 Landstreet, J. D.
Magnetism of Herbig Ae/Be stars 262 Wade, G. A.; Alecian, E.; Grunhut, J.; Catala, C.; Bagnulo, S.; Folsom, C. P.; Landstreet, J. D.
Magnetic Topologies of the Herbig Ae/Be Stars 275 Alecian, E.; Wade, G. A.; Catala, C.; Bagnulo, S.; Böhm, T.; Bouret, J.; Donati, J.; Folsom, C.; Grunhut, J.; Landstreet, J. D.; Petit, P.; Silvester, J.
Magnetic Doppler Imaging of Ap Stars 280 Silvester, J.; Wade, G.; Kochukhov, O.; Landstreet, J.; Bagnulo, S.
Observational Evidence for a Non Solar-Type Dynamo Operating in Late-Type Stars 285 Jeffers, S. V.; Donati, J.
Magnetic Fields, Winds and X-Rays of Massive Stars: A Spectropolarimetric Survey of the Orion Cluster 290 Petit, V.; Wade, G.; Drissen, L.; Montmerle, T.; Alecian, E.
High Resolution Spectropolarimetry of the Hα Line: Obscured Stars and Absorptive Polarization 295 Harrington, D. M.; Kuhn, J. R.
Exploring Tools for the Detection of Stellar Magnetic Fields 300 Folsom, C. P.; Bagnulo, S.
Part V. Stars and Circumstellar Matter   
Multi-Technique Observations and Modeling of Protoplanetary Disks 305 Pinte, C.; Ménard, F.; Duchene, G.
Linear Polarization of Brown Dwarfs 308 Pitann, J.; Goldman, B.; Osorio, M. R. Z.; Bailer-Jones, C. A. L.; Béjar, V. S.; Caballero, J. A.; Henning, T.
Polarization of Wolf-Rayet and Other Hot, Massive Stars 313 St-Louis, N.
Near-Infrared Imaging Polarimetry of Bipolar Proto-planetary Nebulae 327 Murakawa, K.; Driebe, T.; Hofmann, K.; Meixner, M.; Ohnaka, K.; Oya, S.; Schertl, D.; Weigelt, G.; Ueta, T.
Echelle Spectropolarimetry of the T Tauri Star RY Tauri 332 Akitaya, H.; Ikeda, Y.; Kawabata, K. S.; Matsuda, K.; Okazaki, A.; Seki, M.
Revealing the Magnetic Field Configuration in M17–SO1 334 Fujiyoshi, T.; Yamashita, T.; Sako, S.; Hough, J. H.; Lucas, P. W.
Testing the Density Distribution of Young Circumstellar Disks 336 Jolin, M.; Bastien, P.
Submillimeter Spectropolarimetry as a Probe for Grain Growth in DG Tau 338 Krejny, M.; Li, H.; Matthews, T.; Novak, G.; Shinnaga, H.; Vaillancourt, J.; Whitney, B.
Multi-epoch Optical Spectropolarimetry of Jet-Launching High Mass X-ray Binaries 341 Nagae, O.
Part VI. Solar System and Exoplanets   
Comet Polarimetry: Solved Problems and New Mysteries 345 Kolokolova, L.
Asteroid Polarimetry: Current Activities and Recent Results 358 Cellino, A.; Belskaya, I. N.; Delb‘o, M.; Levasseur-Regourd, A.; Muinonen, K.; Tedesco, E. F.
Polarimetry of trans-Neptunian Objects 365 Bagnulo, S.; Belskaya, I.; Kolokolova, L.; Muinonen, K.; Tozzi, G. P.; Barucci, A.
Polarimetry of the Exoplanet Host Systems τ Boötis and 55 Cancri with PLANETPOL 371 Lucas, P. W.; Hough, J. H.; Hirst, E.; Harrison, D.; Bailey, J. A.; Tamura, M.
Optical Photo-polarimetry of the Crab Pulsar and the Transiting Planet TrES-3 376 Slowikowska, A.; Kanbach, G.; Stefanescu, A.; Ioannou, Z.
Direct Imaging of Extrasolar Planets by Means of Polarimetry with SPHERE/ZIMPOL 381 Joos, F.; Schmid, H. M.; Gisler, D.; Thalmann, C.; Beuzit, J.; Dohlen, K.; Feldt, M.; Gratton, R.; Kasper, M.; Mouillet, D.; Pragt, J.; Puget, P.; Rigal, F.; Roelfsema, R.; Turatto, M.; Udry, S.; Waters, R.; Wildi, F.
First Phase-angle Resolved Polarimetry of a Bare Comet Nucleus: Comet 2P/Encke 386 Bagnulo, S.; Boehnhardt, H.; Kolokolova, L.; Tozzi, G.; Muinonen, K.; Nathues, A.
Polarimetry of Extrasolar Planets 389 Berdyugin, A.; Berdyugina, S.; Fluri, D.; Piirola, V.
Simulating Polarized Light from Exoplanets 391 Jeffers, S. V.; Miesen, N.; Rodenhuis, M.; Keller, C. U.; Canovas, H.
Imaging Polarimetry and Long-slit Spectropolarimetry of Solar System Gaseous Planets 393 Joos, F.; Schmid, H. M.; Gisler, D.; Buenzli, E.
Towards a Remote Sensing Capability for Life's Chiral Signature 396 Sparks, W. B.; Germer, T.; Hough, J. H.; Manset, N.; Chen, F.; DasSarma, S.; DasSarma, P.; Robb, F.; Kolokolova, L.; Reid, I. N.
Polarization of Leaves and Life 399 Sterzik, M.; Bagnulo, S.
Part VII. Supernovae, Extragalactic and CMB Polarimetry   
Polarimetry of Galactic Discs: A Brief Review 405 Packham, C.; Young, S.; Axon, D. J.
Polarized Lines in Supernovae: Observations and Modeling 416 Hoffman, J. L.
Optical Linear Polarization in the Case of Two Supernovae Associated to X-ray Flashes: XRF060218/SN2006aj and XRF080109/SN2008D 421 Gorosabel, J.; de Postigo, A. U.; Castro-Tirado, A. J.; Jel'inek, M.; Larionov; Guziy, S.; Augusteijn, T.; Fynbo, J.; Hjorth, J.; Malesani, D.; Xu, D.; Ferrero, P.; Kann, A.; Klose, S.; Rossi, A.; Llorente, A.; Madrid, J. P.
Circular Polarimetry of Extragalactic Radio Sources 426 Cenacchi, E.; Kraus, A.; Beckert, T.; Mack, K.
Spectropolarimetry of Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies: A Question of Orientation? 431 Robinson, A.; Young, S.; Axon, D. J.; Smith, J. E.
Polarimetric Signatures of Winds from Active Galactic Nuclei 436 Young, S.; Axon, D.; Robinson, A.; Smith, J.; Hough, J. H.
Large-Scale Alignments of Quasar Polarization Vectors: Evidence at Cosmological Scales for Very Light Pseudoscalar Particles Mixing with Photons ? 441 Hutsemékers, D.; Payez, A.; Cabanac, R.; Lamy, H.; Sluse, D.; Borguet, B.; Cudell, J.
CMB Polarimetry 446 Aumont, J.
New Insights into the Quasar Type 1/Type 2 Dichotomy from Correlations between Quasar Host Orientation and Polarization 459 Borguet, B.; Hutsemékers, D.; Letawe, G.; Letawe, Y.; Magain, P.
Investigating Supernova Asymmetry With Spectropolarimetric Modeling of Clumpy Ejecta 461 Hole, T.; Kasen, D.; Nordsieck, K.; Gallagher, J.
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