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Paper: Interstellar Polarization at High Galactic Latitudes: A New Insight
Volume: 449, Astronomical Polarimetry 2008: Science from Small to Large Telescopes
Page: 157
Authors: Berdyugin, A.; Piirola, V.; Teerikorpi, P.
Abstract: We report the results of our study of interstellar polarization at high Galactic latitudes, carried out with the TurPol polarimeter on the 2.52 m Nordic Optical Telescope and DiPol polarimeter on the remotely controlled 60 cm KVA telescope (La Palma, Canary Islands). More than 2000 stars with accurate distances have been observed, and a complete map of the interstellar polarization for galactic latitudes +40°< b <+90° has been built. We use these data to study the distribution of interstellar dust, extinction, and the direction of the local Galactic magnetic field up to distances of 500 pc.
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