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Paper: Variable-delay Polarization Modulators (VPMs) for Far-infrared through Millimeter Astronomy
Volume: 449, Astronomical Polarimetry 2008: Science from Small to Large Telescopes
Page: 9
Authors: Chuss, D. T.; Voellmer, G.; Wollack, E. J.; Moseley, S. H.; Novak, G.; Krejny, M.; Walker, C. K.; Kulesa, C.; D'Aubigny, C. Y. D.; Golish, D.; Loewenstein, R. F.; Bennett, C. L.; Zeng, L.; Eimer, J.
Abstract: We describe a novel means of polarization modulation with potential applications for the far-infrared through millimeter. A Variable-delay Polarization Modulator (VPM) modulates polarization via introduction of a variable phase between two fixed linear orthogonal polarizations. Our implementation does so by employing a grid-mirror pair in which the mirror is translated, thereby changing the relative phase between the two polarizations and systematically modulating the polarization state. For the Hertz/VPM project, we have implemented a pair of VPMs in a submillimeter polarimeter at the University of Arizonas SMTO. Promising initial results have shown the instrumental polarization in this system to be below 1%. In this presentation, we describe this polarimeter, its initial results, and prospects for VPMs including use in measuring the polarization of the cosmic microwave background to search for the polarized signature of cosmic inflation.
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