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Paper: POL-2: The SCUBA-2 Polarimeter
Volume: 449, Astronomical Polarimetry 2008: Science from Small to Large Telescopes
Page: 68
Authors: Bastien, P.; Bissonnette, E.; Simon, A.; Coudé, S.; Ade, P.; Savini, G.; Pisano, G.; Leclerc, M.; Bernier, S.; Landry, J.; Houde, M.; Hezareh, T.; Naylor, D. A.; Gom, B. G.; Jenness, T.; Berry, D. S.; Johnstone, D.; Matthews, B. C.
Abstract: The SCUBA-2 polarimeter is expected to be the most sensitive instrument for the detection of polarized radiation in the submillimeter regime. This will be possible by taking advantage of the extra sensitivity, imaging speed and improved image fidelity of the new SCUBA-2 camera which is being commissioned now for use on the James-Clerk-Maxwell Telescope (JCMT). POL-2 construction is now complete and the instrument has been delivered and installed on the telescope. A general update of the instrument and its capabilities are presented. Its optical and mechanical characteristics are summarized and the expected performance is compared to previous polarimetry experiments on the JCMT. Rapid modulation to eliminate atmospheric effects is being implemented.
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