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Paper: Echelle Spectropolarimetry of the T Tauri Star RY Tauri
Volume: 449, Astronomical Polarimetry 2008: Science from Small to Large Telescopes
Page: 332
Authors: Akitaya, H.; Ikeda, Y.; Kawabata, K. S.; Matsuda, K.; Okazaki, A.; Seki, M.
Abstract: We performed echelle spectropolarimetry of the T Tauri star RY Tauri at velocity resolution of ≈45 km s-1. We detected linear polarization of [OI]λ6300, Hα, NaD and OIλ7773 lines. The intrinsic polarization of [OI]λ6300 after subtraction of the foreground interstellar polarization was perpendicular to the disk long axis and parallel to the jet. Comparison of the [OI]λ6300 polarization with a simple scattering model suggests that the [OI]λ6300 emitting region is located within a few × 0.1 AU of the central star on a jet axis.
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