Title: The Proceedings of the IAU 8th Asian-Pacific Regional Meeting, Volume I
Volume: 289 Year: 2003 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Ikeuchi, Satoru; Hearnshaw, John; Hanawa, Tomoyuki
ISBN: 1-58381-134-6 eISBN: 978-1-58381-624-0
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Paper Title Page Authors
Steps Toward the Next Generation CFHT 3 Fahlman, G. G.
HERCULES: A High-resolution Spectrograph for Small to Medium-sized Telescopes 11 Hearnshaw, J. B.; Barnes, S. I.; Frost, N.; Kershaw, G. M.; Graham, G.; Nankivell, G. R.
A Detailed Analysis of the Short- and Long-term Precision of Stellar Radial Velocities Obtained Using HERCULES 17 Skuljan, J.
Square Kilometre Array (SKA) 21 Ekers, R. D.
The Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope 29 Nityananda, R.
A Proposal for Constructing a New VLBI Array, Horizon Telescope 33 Miyoshi, M.; Kameno, S.; Falcke, H.
Solar-B: Status of Project 37 Suematsu, Y.
On Astronomy Cooperation between, and New facilities from Indonesia and Japa 45 Malasan, H. L.
Astronomy Against Terrorism: an Educational Astronomical Observatory Project in Peru 49 Ishitsuka, M.; Montes, H.; Kuroda, T.; Morimoto, M.; Ishitsuka, J.
Techniques for the Detection of Planets beyond the Solar System 55 Hearnshaw, J. B.
A Transit Search for Extrasolar Planets with the 0.5m Automated Patrol Telescope 65 Hidas, M. G.; Webb, J. K.; Ashley, M. C. B.; Hunt, M.; Anderson, J.; Irwin, M.
Microlensing at High Magnification: Extra-solar Planets 69 Rattenbury, N.; Bond, I.; Skuljan, J.; Yock, P.
Searches for Extrasolar Planets with the Subaru Telescope: Companions and Free-Floaters 73 Tamura, M.; Itoh, Y.; Oasa, Y.
Low Mass Companions to Stars: Implications for Models of the Formation and Evolution of Binary and Planetary Systems 77 Black, D. C.; Stepinski, T. F.
Investigation of the Physical Properties of Protoplanetary Disks around T Tauri Stars by a High-resolution Imaging Survey at lambda = 2 mm 85 Momose, M.; Kitamura, Y.; Yokogawa, S.; Kawabe, R.; Tamura, M.; Ida, S.
A Dynamical Analysis of the GJ 876 and HD 82943 Systems 89 Ji, Jianghui; Li, Guangyu; Liu, Lin
The 6dF Galaxy Survey 97 Wakamatsu, K.; Colless, M.; Jarrett, T.; Parker, Q.; Saunders, W.; Watson, F.
Radio Sources in the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey: AGN, Starburst Galaxies and Their Cosmic Evolution 105 Sadler, E. M.; Jackson, C. A.; Cannon, R. D.
A Large Scale Extragalactic Survey with an Infrared Camera onboard ASTRO-F 113 Matsuhara, H.; Murakami, H.
Infrared All-Sky Survey with ASTRO-F 117 Shibai, H.
ISOGAL Survey of the Intermediate Galactic Bulge: Mass-losing AGB Stars in Galactic Bulge ISOGAL Fields. 121 Ojha, D. K.; Omont, A.
A Sensitive VLA Image Covering the SIRTF First-Look Survey Area 125 Yin, Q. F.; Condon, J. J.; Cotton, W. D.
The Virgo High-Resolution CO-Line Survey 129 Sofue, Y.; Koda, J.; Nakanishi, H., Onodera, S.; Kohno, K.; Tomita, A.; Okumura, S.
Education and Understanding of Astronomy through Total Solar Eclipses 137 Hiei, E.; Takahashi, N.; Iizuka, Y.
The Establishment of an Astrophysics Course in the Philippines through the IAU TAD 145 Celebre, C. P.
New Trends in Astronomy Education: a ``Mapping" Strategy in Teaching and Learning Astronomy 151 Gulyaev, S.
Astronomical Education in Azerbaijan: Existing Heritage Current Status and Perspectives 157 Babaev, E. S.
The Completion and Release of the AAO/UKST Hα Survey 165 Parker, Q. A.; Phillipps, S.
Star Formation in the Southern Hemisphere: A Millimetre-Wave Survey of Dense Southern Cores 173 Jones, P. A.; Hunt-Cunningham, M. R.; Whiteoak, J. B.; White, G. L.
Star formation studies with SIRIUS -- JHK simultaneous near-infrared camera 177 Nakajima, Y.; Nagashima, C.; Nagayama, T.; Baba, D.; Kato, D.; Kurita, M.; Nagata, T.; Sato, S.; Tamura, M.; Naoi, T.; Nakaya, H.; Sugitani, K.
Evolution of Spatial Structure of Star Clusters 181 Chen, W. P.; Chen, C. W.
Molecular Line Studies of Galactic Young Stellar Objects 185 Yang, Ji; Mao, Ruiqing; Jiang, Zhibo; Geng, Tao; Ao, Yi-Ping
Observation of Interstellar H_3+ Using Subaru IRCS: the Galactic Center 189 Goto, M.; McCall, B. J.; Geballe, T. R.; Usuda, T.; Kobayashi, N.; Terada, H.; Oka, T.
The Formation of Molecular Clouds: the Origin of Supersonic Turbulence 195 Inutsuka, S.; Koyama, H.
Shocked Atomic and Molecular Gas in Supernova Remnants 199 Koo, B. C.
Discovery of Overionized Plasma in the Mixed-Morphology SNR IC 443 207 Kawasaki, M. T.; Ozaki, M.; Nagase, F.
On the Relation between Abundances in Planetary Nebulae and Their Central Star Evolution 211 Ratag, M. A.
The Two Degree Field Galaxy Redshift Survey (2dFGRS): The Instrument, Data and Science 219 Peterson, B. A.
The Deep Near-Infrared Universe Seen in the Subaru Deep Field 227 Totani, T.
The Cluster `Sphere of Influence': Tracking Star Formation with Environment via Hα Surveys 235 Couch, W. J.; Balogh, M.; Bower, R.; Lewis, I.
A Search for Galaxy Clustering at z = 4 Using an SDSS Quasar Pair 243 Nakamura, O.; Fukugita, M.; Doi, M.; Kashikawa, N.; Schneider, D. P.
The Discovery of Submillimeter Galaxies 247 Blain, A. W.
Prospects for Detecting Neutral Hydrogen Using 21-cm Radiation from Large Scale Structure at High Redshifts 251 Bagla, J. S.; White, M.
Cosmological Constant with Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect towards Distant Galaxy Clusters 255 Tsuboi, M.; Kasuga, T.; Miyazaki, A.; Kuno, N.; Sakamoto, A.; Matsuo, H.
An Ellipsoid Model for the Halo Density Profile 259 Jing, Y. P.
Star Formation History in Galaxies Inferred from Stellar Elemental Abundance Patterns 263 Shigeyama, T.; Tsujimoto, T.
Cosmic Star Formation History Associated with QSO Activity: An Approach by the Black Hole to Bulge Mass Correlation 267 Wang, Y. P.; Yamada, T.; Taniguchi, Y.
Evolution of Low- and Intermediate-Mass X-Ray Binaries 273 Li, Xiang-Dong
Raman Scattering and Accretion Disks in Symbiotic Stars 281 Lee, Hee-Won
X-ray Observations of the X-ray Binary Pulsar Centaurus X-3 with RXTE 285 Kohmura, T.; Kitamoto, S.
Peculiar Characteristics of a Hyper-luminous X-ray Source in M82 291 Matsumoto, H.; Tsuru, T. G.; Watari, K.; Mineshige, S.; Matsushita, S.
X-ray Study of Thermal Composite Supernova Remnants 3C391 and G349.7+0.2 295 Chen, Y.; Slane, P.
Time-Dependent Properties of Black-Hole Accretion Flow 301 Mineshige, S.
Results in Gamma-Ray Burst Observations and the Use of GRBs to Explore the Early Universe 305 Murakami, T.; Izawa, H.; Yonetoku, D.
A Deep Optical Observation of an Enigmatic Unidentified Gamma-Ray Source 3EG J1835+5918 311 Totani, T.; Kawasaki, W.; Kawai, N.
Magnetic Reconnection in the Accretion Disk Corona of Compact Stars 315 Oreshina, I. V.; Oreshina, A. V.; Somov, B. V.
General Relativistic Simulation of Magnetohydrodynamic Energy Extraction of a Rotating Black Hole 319 Koide, S.
High Energy Astrophysical Neutrinos 323 Athar, H.
Associated Absorption in Radio-loud Quasars and the Growth of Radio Sources 329 Hunstead, R. W.; Baker, J. C.
Very Extended Emission-Line Region around the Seyfert 2 Galaxy NGC 4388 337 Yoshida, M.; Yagi, M.; Okamura, S.; Aoki, K.; Ohyama, Y.; Komiyama, Y.; Yasuda, N.; Iye, M.; Kashiawa, N.; Doi, M.; Furusawa, H.; Hamabe, M.; Kimura, M.; Miyazaki, M.; Miyazaki, S.; Nakata, F.; Ouchi, M.; Sekiguchi, M.; Shimasaku, K.; Ohtani, H.
Evidence for the Evolutionary Sequence of Blazars: Different Types of Accretion Flows in BL Lac Objects 341 Cao, Xinwu
3-4 mum Spectroscopy of 17 Seyfert 2 Nuclei: Quantification of the Compact Starburst Contribution 345 Imanishi, M.
A High Resolution Imaging Survey of CO, HCN and HCO+ Lines towards Nearby Seyfert Galaxies 349 Kohno, K.
Starburst-AGN Connections from High Redshift to the Present Day 353 Taniguchi, Y.
A New Picture of QSO Formation 363 Umemura, M.; Kawakatsu, N.
Distribution of the Faraday Rotation Measure in AGN Jets as a Clue for Deciding a Valid Theoretical Model 367 Uchida, Y.; Nakamura, M.; Kigure, H.; Hirose, S.
Cosmic Rays in the Large Scale Structure of the Universe 371 Ryu, D.
Highlights from the First Five Years of the VSOP Mission 375 Hirabayashi, H.; Edwards, P. G.; Murata, Y.; Asaki, Y.; Murphy, D. W.; Kobyashi, H.; Inoue, M.; Kameno, S.; Umemoto, T.
Progress on Numerical Simulations of Solar Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections 381 Shibata, K.
An Investigation of Loop-Type CMEs with a 3D MHD Simulation 389 Kuwabara, J.; Uchida, Y.; Cameron, R.
Basic Principles and Examples of Solar-type Flare Modelling 393 Somov, B. V.; Kosugi, T.; Sakao, T.
Energy Accumulation for the Bastille Flare 397 Podgorny, A. I.; Bilenko, I. A.; Minami, S.; Morimoto, M.; Podgorny, I. M.
Fine Structures Observed by the Chinese Solar Radio Broadband Fast Dynamic Spectrometers 401 Yan, Yihua; Fu, Qijun; Liu, Yuying; Chen, Zhijun; Wu, Hongao; Xu, Fuying; Qin, Zhihai; Wang, Min; Xia, Zhiguo
Flux Tube Oscillations and Coronal Heating 409 Sobouti, Y.; Karami, K.; Nasiri, S.
Binary Evolution -- Problems and Applications 413 Han, Zhanwen
Annual Parallax Measurements of Mira-Type Variables with Phase-Referencing VLBI Observations 421 Kurayama, T.; Sasao, T.
Magnetic Reconnection in the Solar Lower Atmosphere 425 Fang, C.; Chen, P. F.; Ding, M. D.
Future Microlensing Observations 431 Han, Cheongho
A Perturbative Approach to Astrometric Microlensing due to an Extrasolar Planet 441 Asada, H.
Detecting Astrometric Microlensing with VERA (VLBI Exploration of Radio Astrometry) 445 Honma, M.; Kurayama, T.
The Dark Matter Halo of the Gravitational Lens Galaxy 0047-2808 449 Wayth, R. A.; Webster, R. L.
The New Era of Precision Microlensing 453 Gould, A.
Secular Component of Apparent Proper Motion of QSOs Induced by Gravitational Lens of the Galaxy 461 Ohnishi, K.; Hosokawa, M.; Fukushima, T.
Chandra Spectroscopy and Mass Estimation of the Lensing Cluster of Galaxies CL0024+17 465 Ota, N.; Hattori, M.; Pointecouteau, E.; Mitsuda, K.
Towards Direct Detection of Substructure around Galaxies -- Quasar Mesolensing 469 Yonehara, A.; Umemura, M.; Susa, H.
An Analytical Model for the Distribution of Image Separations in Gravitational Lensing 473 Premadi, P. W.; Martel, H.
Summary of Business Sessions 479 Ikeuchi, S.