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Paper: Results in Gamma-Ray Burst Observations and the Use of GRBs to Explore the Early Universe
Volume: 289, The Proceedings of the IAU 8th Asian-Pacific Regional Meeting, Volume I
Page: 305
Authors: Murakami, T.; Izawa, H.; Yonetoku, D.
Abstract: The most recent results and puzzles in Gamma-Ray Burst observations (GRB), except the HETE-II are shortly reviewed in this paper. We focus on the use of GRBs to explore the early universe. We found a very weak correlation between the radiation hardness and the known GRB distances in the BATSE catalogue. Using a relation in the correlation, we give distances to the unknown bright 344 BATSE GRBs and estimate a star formation rate (SFR) up to z about 5. We compare our result with the most popular SFR of Madau et al. (1996) and the pioneering work of Fenimore et al. (2000).
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