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Paper: Molecular Line Studies of Galactic Young Stellar Objects
Volume: 289, The Proceedings of the IAU 8th Asian-Pacific Regional Meeting, Volume I
Page: 185
Authors: Yang, Ji; Mao, Ruiqing; Jiang, Zhibo; Geng, Tao; Ao, Yi-Ping
Abstract: We conducted a large-scale survey for cold infrared sources along the northern galactic plane in CO (J=1-0) line. There are 1912 IRAS sources selected on the basis of their color indices over the 12 micro m, 25 micro m, and 60 micro m wavebands and their association with regions of recent star formation. A quick single-point survey was made towards all of the sources, which results in a detection of 1331 sources with significant CO emission above the detection limit of 0.7 K, inferring a CO detection rate of 70% (Yang et al. 2002). The single-point CO survey also revealed 289 sources which exhibit prominent high-velocity wing emission. Detailed studies of the candidate CO outflows were conducted by CO (J=2-1) mapping. It shows that most of the high-velocity wing sources are intrinsically high-velocity CO outflows.
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