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Paper: Star Formation in the Southern Hemisphere: A Millimetre-Wave Survey of Dense Southern Cores
Volume: 289, The Proceedings of the IAU 8th Asian-Pacific Regional Meeting, Volume I
Page: 173
Authors: Jones, P. A.; Hunt-Cunningham, M. R.; Whiteoak, J. B.; White, G. L.
Abstract: An extensive survey of molecular emission from dense southern molecular cores has been undertaken with the Mopra telescope and the SEST. Molecular rotational transitions of CO, CS, HCN, HNC, HCO+, HC_3N, OCS, CH_3OH and SO, and several of their isotopomers have been observed in a sample of 27 molecular clouds with declinations south of -30 degrees. The molecular abundances and physical conditions in the dense cores have been derived using both LTE and LVG models. The observations are discussed here and some results are presented, along with a discussion of planned follow-up observations with the Australia Telescope Compact Array in the 3-mm band.
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