Title: Debris Disks and the Formation of Planets: A Symposium in Memory of Fred Gillett
Volume: 324 Year: 2004 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Caroff, Larry; Moon, L. Juleen; Backman, Dana; Praton, Elizabeth
ISBN: 1-58381-186-9 eISBN: 978-1-58381-259-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
Part 1.
Invited Talk Chapters
Fred Gillett's Role in the Discovery of Planetary Disks: A Commemorative History 3 Low, F.J.; Aumann, H.H.
Debris Disks: An Overview 9 Backman, D.
Circumstellar Disks in Pre-Main Sequence Stars 20 Natta, A.
Dynamics of Gaseous Disks with Planets 39 Artymowicz, P.
The Nearest Herbig Ae Stars: Identifying the Source of the Infall Activity 53 Grady, C.A.
Is Beta Pictoris a Typical Young Planetary Disk System? 68 Welsh, B.Y.; Lagrange, A.-M.
Direct Imaging of Disks 78 Weinberger, A.J.
High Resolution Millimeter-Wave to Infrared Spectroscopy of Circumstellar Disks 79 Blake, G.A.
Gas in Debris Disks 93 Jura, M.
Stellar Ages: Harder Than Most People Seem to Think 100 Stauffer, J.R.
The Evolution of the Vega Phenomenon 112 Silverstone, M.D.
Signs for Heavy Bombardment in Debris Disks 121 Dominik, C.; Bouwman, J.
Characteristics of Extrasolar Planets 133 Fischer, D.A.; Marcy, G.W.; Butler, R.P.; Vogt, S.S.
Structure of the Solar System's Dust Disk: Influence of Massive Bodies 143 Dermott, S.F.; Kehoe, T.J.J.
The Main Sequence Disk We Call the Kuiper Belt 145 Stern, S.A.
A Fairy Tale about the Formation of Uranus and Neptune and the Lunar Late Heavy Bombardment 152 Levison, H.F.; Thommes, E.; Duncan, M.J.; Dones, L.
Dispersal of Disks Around Young Stars: Constraints on Kuiper Belt Formation 168 Hollenbach, D.; Adams, F.C.
SIRTF (Spitzer), Debris Disks, and Fred Gillett 184 Werner, M.W.; Stapelfeldt, K.R.
Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) 197 Becklin, E.E.; Moon, L.J.
Part 2.
Poster and Contributed Papers
Evidence for a Developing Gap in the Disk of TW Hydrae 205 Calvet, N.; Hartmann, L.; Wilner, D.; Walsh, A.; Sitko, M.L.
Young Stellar Objects in Taurus in the Near- and Mid-Infrared 208 Furlan, E.; Uchida, K.I.; Herter, T.L.; Forrest, W.J.; Watson, D.M.
Crystallinity as an Indicator of Protoplanetary Disk Evolution 211 Harker, D.E.; Wooden, D.H.; Woodward, C.E.
FU Orionis Systems in the Infrared 214 Polomski, E.F.; Woodward, C.E.; Wooden, D.H.; Harker, D.E.; Butner, H.M.
Large Grains in the Orion Nebula's Circumstellar Disks 218 Shuping, R.Y.; Bally, J.; Morris, M.; Throop, H.
Mid-IR Spectroscopy of Dusty Protostellar Disks: A Game Plan 221 Sitko, M.L.; Bauer, A.E.; Brafford, S.M.; Lynch, D.K.; Russell, R.W.; Grady, C.A.; Molster, F.J.; Bradley, J.P.; Calvet, N.; Hartmann, L.; Nuth, J.A., III; Hill, H.G.M.; Biggs, J.D.; Hanner, M.S.
The Enigma of DG Tau: Silicate Emission Variability 224 Woodward, C.E.; Wooden, D.H.; Harker, D.E.; Bell, K.R.; Butner, H.M.; Sitko, M.L.; Lynch, D.; Russell, R.
The Gas Disk of Beta Pictoris 228 Brandeker, A.; Liseau, R.; Olofsson, G.; Fridlund, M.
Looking for Pure-Rotational H2 Emission from Circumstellar Disks 232 Richter, M.J.; Jaffe, D.T.; Lacy, J.H.; Blake, G.A.
Molecular Hydrogen in Circumstellar Disk Systems: Results from FUSE 235 Roberge, A.; Feldman, P.D.; Lecavelier des Etangs, A.; Vidal-Madjar, A.; Ferlet, R.; Deleuil, M.; Bouret, J.-C.
A Search for Close-in Companions and Circumstellar Dust Around Nearby Stars 238 Metchev, S.A.; Hillenbrand, L.A.
Structure in the Dusty Debris Around Vega 241 Wilner, D.J.
Dust Clumps in Fomalhaut and Other Debris Disks 244 Wyatt, M.C.; Holland, W.S.; Dent, W.R.F.; Greaves, J.S.
HST Imaging of Circumstellar Disks 247 Schneider, G.; Cotera, A.S.; Silverstone, M.D.; Weinberger, A.J.
Sub-mm Observation of Vega-like Stars 250 Song, I.; Sandell, G.; Friberg, P.
A Volume Limited Sample of Debris Disks Around Nearby Stars: A MIPS Team Program 253 Beichman, C.; Gautier, T.N.; Holmes, E.K.; Rieke, G.; Stansberry, J.; Stapelfeldt, K.; Werner, M.
Search for H2 Around Vega-like Stars 256 Chen, C.H.; Jura, M.
Warm Dust Around Main-Sequence Stars Discovered with 2MASS 259 Fajardo-Acosta, S.B.; Rebull, L.M.; Cutri, R.M.; Beichman, C.A.; Holmes, E.K.; Werner, M.W.; Cole, D.M.
The Planetary Debris System in HD98800 262 Hines, D.C.; Low, F.J.; Schneider, G.; Chandler, C.J.; Plait, P.; Smith, P.S.
Possible Tracers of Circumstellar Gas in the Disk Around Beta Pictoris 265 Kamp, I.; van Zadelhoff, G.-D.; van Dishoeck, E.
Laboratory Measurements of Interplanetary Dust Particles and the Origin of Crystalline Silicates in Our Solar System and Other Protostellar Disks 268 Molster, F.J.; Bradley, J.P.; Sitko, M.L.; Nuth, J.A., III
A Search in the COBE Data for Resonant Structure in the Kuiper Disk 271 Holmes, E.K.; Dermott, S.F.; Grogan, K.
Kuiper Belt Dust: Spatial Distribution and Spectral Energy Distribution 274 Moro-Martin, A.; Malhotra, R.
Debris Disks, Planetary Systems, and the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) 277 Wootten, A.; Mangum, J.G.; Holdaway, M.
Present and Future Facilities Important in the Study of Debris Disks 281 Becklin, E.E.; Moon, L.J.