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Paper: HST Imaging of Circumstellar Disks
Volume: 324, Debris Disks and the Formation of Planets: A Symposium in Memory of Fred Gillett
Page: 247
Authors: Schneider, G.; Cotera, A.S.; Silverstone, M.D.; Weinberger, A.J.
Abstract: The stability of the Hubble Space Telescope's diffraction-limited point spread function (PSF) is exploited by the observatory's complement of second generation instruments, NICMOS and STIS, to produce very high contrast direct and PSF-subtracted coronagraphic images of disks around young stars. The direct detection and imaging of disks in a variety of evolutionary stages with high spatial resolution (50-150 mas) in the optical and near-IR has yielded spatial information from the scattered light components of such disks in unprecedented detail.
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