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Paper: A Volume Limited Sample of Debris Disks Around Nearby Stars: A MIPS Team Program
Volume: 324, Debris Disks and the Formation of Planets: A Symposium in Memory of Fred Gillett
Page: 253
Authors: Beichman, C.; Gautier, T.N.; Holmes, E.K.; Rieke, G.; Stansberry, J.; Stapelfeldt, K.; Werner, M.
Abstract: Observations with the Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF) of solar type stars to search for the presence of circumstellar material will be important in assessing the prevalence of debris disks as a function of stellar parameters. The Volume Limited Sample (VLS) is part of a Guaranteed Time Observation project on SIRTF (Spitzer) that combines a survey of a broad range of solar type stars with a partial survey of stars which possess planets. The stars in the VLS have spectral types ranging from F5 to K5, most of which are within 50 pc.
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