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Paper: Warm Dust Around Main-Sequence Stars Discovered with 2MASS
Volume: 324, Debris Disks and the Formation of Planets: A Symposium in Memory of Fred Gillett
Page: 259
Authors: Fajardo-Acosta, S.B.; Rebull, L.M.; Cutri, R.M.; Beichman, C.A.; Holmes, E.K.; Werner, M.W.; Cole, D.M.
Abstract: We report results of ground-based 10 μm photometry of mainsequence stars with warm (Tdust ∼ 300 K) circumstellar dust. We originally discovered these dust systems through IRAS 12 μm excess emission relative to 2MASS J, H, and Ks photospheric emission. We possibly confirmed circumstellar 10 μm excess emission from four sources.
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