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Paper: Dust Clumps in Fomalhaut and Other Debris Disks
Volume: 324, Debris Disks and the Formation of Planets: A Symposium in Memory of Fred Gillett
Page: 244
Authors: Wyatt, M.C.; Holland, W.S.; Dent, W.R.F.; Greaves, J.S.
Abstract: Here we present a 450 μm image of Fomalhaut's debris disk taken with SCUBA at the JCMT. The increased resolution over previous 850 μm images permits the detection of a clump embedded in the disk containing 5% of the total flux. Clumps are also a common feature of other debris disks. We discuss the origin of these clumps in the light of a tentative observation that clump mass remains constant with disk age.
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