Title: CCDs in Astronomy
Volume: 8 Year: 1990 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Jacoby, George H.
ISBN: 0-937707-25-2 eISBN: 978-1-58381-344-7
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Paper Title Page Authors
The shift-and-stare technique and a large area CCD mosaic 1 Tyson, J. A.
The USNOFS CCD array sensor 11 Monet, David G.
New Advancements in Charge-Coupled Device Technology - Sub-Electron Noise and 4096 X 4096 Pixel CCDs 18 Janesick, J.; Elliot, T.; Dingizian, A.; Bredthauer, R.; Chandler, C.; Westphal, J.; Gunn, J.
Tests of two large-format CCDs for echelle spectroscopy 40 Geary, John C.; Torres, Guillermo; Latham, David W.; Wyatt, William F.
Drift scanning with a TK 2048 CCD 51 Gehrels, T.; McMillan, R. S.; Scotti, J. V.; Perry, M. L.
Non-linear pixels in the USNO Tektronix 2048 X 2048 CCD 53 Levison, Harold F.
Tektronix CCDs at KPNO 58 Reed, Richard; Jacoby, George; Green, Richard; Rudeen, Andy; Rasmussen, Bill
CCD thinning, coating, and mounting research for astronomy 65 Lesser, M. P.
Development of Large CCD Arrays With Enhanced UV Performance 76 Schaeffer, A. R.; Varian, R. H.; Cover, S.; Janesick, S. R.; Bredthauer, R.
Scientific grade CCDs from EG & G RETICON 100 Cizdziel, Philip J.
Silicon CCD optimized for near infrared wavelengths 111 Schempp, W. V.
Some experimental results with thinned, 1200 X 400 pixel RETICON CCDs 116 Gilmore, D. K.; Robinson, L. B.; Stover, R. J.; Brown, W. E.; Wei, M.
UV flooding technique for blue enhancement of TI CCD'S 126 Ditsler, William
Electrical characterization of the THX-31156 charge-coupled-device 131 Bortoletto, F.; D'Alessandro, M.
A tale of two NSF CCDs 137 Bohannan, Bruce
Subtle features in the performance of P8603/S 142 Thomsen, Bjarne
Radiation damage in a Tektronix 512 CCD 147 Brown, Larry W.; Rebar, Francis; Fowler, Walter; Yagelowich, John; Ziegler, Michael
CCD Controller Technology for 1990 153 Smith, R.M
A Low-Cost, Versatile CCD Controller 165 Burrows, D. N.; Berthianme, G. D.; Catalano, M. A.; Entingh, T. S.; Garmire, G. P.; Larkin, C.; Nousek, S. A.; Weaver, G. M.
Operating A Digital Signal Processor CCD Camera Under UNIX 171 Leach, R. W.
Video processor and clock driver circuitry for CCD cameras 180 Beale, Frank; Leach, Robert W.
CCD camera system at the NSO/SP Vacuum Tower Telescope 188 Coulter, Roy L.; Stauffer, Frederick R.
Scene dependent read-out of CCD 192 Blecha, Andre; Weber, Luc; Simond, Gilles; Queille, Denis
The OSU CCD spectrograph data acquisition system 201 Henden, Arne A.
CCD Data Acquisition Software 206 Schaller, S.
The CFHT Summit Data Acquisition System 209 Christian, C.; Brewster, J.; McGonegal, R.; Grundseth, B.; Kerr, S.; Smith, S.; Waddell, P.
Sensors for the Hubble Space Telescope wide field and planetary cameras (1 and 2) 217 Trauger, John T.
The operational optimisation of the TI 3-phase CCD in the Hubble Space Telescope 231 Griffiths, R. E.; Ewald, S. P.; MacKenty, J. W.
The use of CCDs in the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) 237 Woodgate, Bruce E.
Recent progress in noise for STIS CCDs 258 Blouke, M. M.; Delamere, W. A.; Orbock, J.
Quantum efficiency measurements of Tektronix backside thinned CCDs 269 Delamere, Alan; Atkinson, Mike; Rice, James P.; Blouke, Morley; Reed, Richard
Radiation test results on TK 1024 CCDs 275 Delamere, Alan; Murata-Seawalt, Debbie; Orbock, Jeff; Blouke, Morley; Fowler, Walt; Rebar, Frank
High precision, time-resolved CCD photometry of stellar ensembles 281 Gilliland, Ronald L.
Future development of the DAOPHOT crowded-field photometry package 289 Stetson, Peter B.; Davis, Lindsey E.; Crabtree, Dennis R.
High precision stellar photometry 305 Penny, A. J.; Buttress, J.; Griffiths, W. K.
CCD growth curves - Application to faint and crowded point sources 312 Howell, Steve B.
Precision UBVRI CCD photometry 319 Walker, Alistair R.
High precision V and I photometry of globular cluster giants 326 Da Costa, G. S.
High precision Doppler measurements via echelle spectroscopy 335 Brown, Timothy M.
High S/N CCD spectroscopy of interstellar absorption lines 345 Meyer, David M.
Techniques of surface photometry of cluster galaxies 356 Gudehus, Donald H.
Identification of a red optical counterpart of Cygnus X-3 361 Wagner, R. M.; Martell, P. J.; Beaver, J.; Kreidl, Tobias J.
High speed quadrant CCDs for adaptive optics 367 Clampin, M.; Durrance, S. T.; Golimowski, D. A.; Barkhouser, R.; Westphal, J. A.
A CCD Fourier transform spectrometer 374 Berlinghieri, Joel C.; Adelman, Saul J.; Hilleke, Russell O.; Rembiesa, Peter J.; Dukes, Robert J., Jr.
Monica - The MT Wendelstein Observatory monochromatic imaging camera 380 Roth, Martin M.
The CTIO CCD-TV acquisition camera 387 Walker, Alistair R.; Schmidt, Ricardo
Hartmann testing with a CCD 393 Porter, Alain C.