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Paper: Video processor and clock driver circuitry for CCD cameras
Volume: 8, CCDs in Astronomy
Page: 180
Authors: Beale, Frank; Leach, Robert W.
Abstract: The design considerations are presented of a video processor incorporating a low parts count, novel integrating double sample, and prototype circuitry from which preliminary noise and linearity data were obtained. The simple clock driver circuitry that has been designed and built in prototype form is discussed. The circuit diagram of the video processor along with the timing diagram for the operation of its analog switches is shown with a representative CCD video waveform. The overall noise budget for the preamplifier is estimated. Consideration is given to DC restoration, the integrating double sampler, timing, the clock driver, and performance. The circuit diagram for the digital-to-analog (D/A) converter CCD clock driver is shown with a simple op-amp buffer. An eight bit D/A is used to select 256 voltage levels over a range of -10 to +10 volts.
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