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Paper: Scene dependent read-out of CCD
Volume: 8, CCDs in Astronomy
Page: 192
Authors: Blecha, Andre; Weber, Luc; Simond, Gilles; Queille, Denis
Abstract: Using commercially available basic equipment a CCD acquisition system is developed that takes into account the image content when adjusting the time-sampling and read-out parameters. In this mode, only selected objects (up to 20) are measured and each object has its own read-out parameter: x-y binning, preamplifier gain and pixel-sampling time. With some restrictions it is then possible to co-add pixels for faint objects, while keeping full spatial resolution for brighter ones. An on-line image analysis is available providing all information necessary to update CCD read-out parameters for each object without the observer's intervention. Unless otherwise specified, only reduced data are recorded.
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