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Paper: High precision, time-resolved CCD photometry of stellar ensembles
Volume: 8, CCDs in Astronomy
Page: 281
Authors: Gilliland, Ronald L.
Abstract: Use of CCDs to monitor simultaneously a large ensemble of stars allows for subsequent photometric calibration, limited only by basic counting statistics of the objects and background, and atmospheric scintillation noise. With the large well depth of TEK CCDs it is possible to attain relative precisions (in a time-series for individual stars) of 0.001 mag per one minute integration on stars of 13th mag on a 0.9 m telescope. Two critical reduction/analysis procedures required to reach consistently the fundamental precision limits will be outlined. The oral presentation of this paper included several preliminary results from a multisite, two week campaign monitoring the central region of M67; these results will be published elsewhere. This paper concentrates on discussion of point-spread-function fitting of poorly sampled images, and the cleaning of stellar intensity time series.
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