Title: Fifty Years of Seismology of the Sun and Stars
Volume: 478 Year: 2014 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Jain, Tripathy, Hill, Leibacher, and Pevtsov

National Solar Observatory Workshop #27
The Westin La Paloma, Tucson, Arizona, USA
6–10 May 2013

These proceedings report on a conference that celebrated fifty years of research on the seismology of the Sun and more distant stars. The fields of helio- and astero-seismology use sound waves to probe inside stars, and have revolutionized our knowledge of the structure and dynamics of stellar interiors.

The meeting began with an historical overview of the beginnings of helioseismology back in the early 1960s presented by the people who made the pioneering observations and the critical theoretical breakthroughs. The field was brought into the present with a number of reviews of current topics including multi-wavelength helioseismology, the effect of strong inclined magnetic fields on solar oscillations, seismic constraints on dynamo theory, space weather applications of helioseismology, and asteroseismic results from the space missions such as Kepler and CoRoT. Finally, avenues for future science and the research programs that are needed to make progress were discussed.

A total of 52 papers are contained in this proceedings volume, which captures the flavor and highlights of the meeting. The conference was greatly enlivened by the mix of participants, which included some of the founders of the field, many current practitioners, and the latest generation of young scientists.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Book Cover
Front Matter 1 Jain, K.; Tripathy, S. C.; Hill, F.; Leibacher, J. W.; Pevtsov, A. A.
Conference Photos 2 Jain, K.; Tripathy, S. C.; Hill, F.; Leibacher, J. W.; Pevtsov, A. A.
I. Historical Perspective   
Robert Leighton and the Dawn of Helioseismology 5 Noyes, R. W.
Models of the 5-Minute Oscillation and their Excitation 19 Stein, R. F.
Research on Non-radial Oscillations of the Sun and Stars in the Early 1970s 29 Osaki, Y.
Impact of 5-minute Oscillation on my Career 41 Ando, H.
Three Decades of Helioseismology at Kitt Peak and South Pole 51 Harvey, J. W.
The Observational Helioseismology Programs at the Sacramento Peak and Mount Wilson Observatories 61 Rhodes Jr., E. J.
Early South Pole Observations and the IRIS Network: The Quarter Century History of a Small Sodium Cell 73 Fossat, E.
Memories 85 Sheeley Jr., N. R.
The History of the Fourier Tachometer 93 Beckers, J. M.; Brown, T. M.
II. Observations   
Challenges and Opportunities for Ground-based Helioseismic Observations 101 Chaplin, W. J.
Using SDO and GONG as Calibration References for a New Telescope Pointing Algorithm 109 Staiger, J.
The Space Mission PLATO 2.0, a Medium Class ESA Project 115 Barban, C.; Goupil, M. J.; Rauer, H.; PLATO 2.0 team
The JOVIAL Project for Jovian Seismology 119 Schmider, F. X.; Appourchaux, T.; Gaulme, P.; Guillot, T.; Sato, B.; Murphy, N.; Daban, J. B.; Gay, J.; Soulat, L.; Baudin, F.; Boumier, P.; Ollivier, M.; Bordé. P.; Jackiewicz, J.; Ida, S.; Showman, A. P.
III. Global Helioseismology   
The History of the g-mode Quest 125 Appourchaux, T.; Pallé, P. L.
Mode Frequencies from GONG, MDI, and HMI Data 137 Korzennik, S. G.
Differences of the Solar Magnetic Activity Signature in Velocity and Intensity Helioseismic Observations 145 Salabert, D.; García, R. A.; Jiménez, A.
Helioseismology from SODISM and HMI Intensity Images 151 Corbard, T.; Salabert, D.; Boumier, P.; PICARD team
Medium-Degree Global-Mode Frequency Shifts in Solar Cycles 23 and 24: Is There Any Difference? 155 Howe, R.; Komm, R.; Hill, F.
Comparing the Internal Structure of the Sun During the Cycle 23 and Cycle 24 Minima 161 Basu, S.; Broomhall, A.-M.; Chaplin, W. J.; Elsworth, Y.; Davies, G. R.; Schou, J.; Larson, T. P.
Are We Entering a Period of Reduced Activity or a Grand Minima State? 167 Simoniello, R.; Jain, K.; Tripathy, S. C.; Baldner, C. S.; Turck-Chièze, S.; Hill, F.
Characterization of High-Degree Modes using MDI, HMI and GONG Data 173 Korzennik, S. G.; Eff-Darwich, A.; Larson, T. P.; Rabello-Soares, M. C.; Schou, J.
IV. Local Helioseismology   
Recent Results in Ring-Diagram Analysis 181 Rabello-Soares, M. C.
Assessing Ring-Diagram Fitting Methods 193 Jain, K.; Tripathy, S. C.; Basu, S.; Baldner, C. S.; Bogart, R. S.; Hill, F.; Howe, R.
Center-to-Limb Velocity Systematic in Ring-Diagram Analysis 199 Greer, B.; Hindman, B.; Toomre, J.
Determining the Instrumental Rotation Rate of MWO's 60′ Tower Image Plane and Its Impact on Results from Ring-Diagram Analysis 205 Pinkerton I., S. F.; Rhodes Jr., E. J.; Bogart, R. S.; Orr, M.; Martin, G.; Spinella, A.
Ring-Diagram Determinations of Solar Subsurface Flows 211 Bogart, R. S.; Baldner, C. S.; Burtseva, O.; Howe, R.; Jain, K.; Rabello-Soares, M. C.; Tripathy, S. C.
Solar-Cycle Variation of Subsurface Zonal Flow Derived from Ring-Diagram Analysis 217 Komm, R.; Howe, R.; González Hernández, I.; Hill, F.; Bogart, R. S.; Haber, D.
Solar Cycle Variation of High-Degree Acoustic Mode Frequencies 221 Tripathy, S. C.; Jain, K.; Komm, R. W.; Hill, F.
Subsurface Flows in Active Region 11158 225 Jain, K.; Tripathy, S. C.; Komm, R.; González Hernández, I.; Hill, F.
Seismology of Flaring and Dormant Active Regions 231 Maurya, R. A.
Analysis of Active Region 11339 using Multi-Spectral Data 237 Tripathy, S. C.; Jain, K.; Howe, R.; Bogart, R. S.; Basu, S.; Hill, F.
Recent Results on Solar Interior Meridional Flow from SDO/HMI 243 Zhao, J.
Preliminary Time-Distance Inversion Tests of Realistic Quiet Sun and Sunspot Simulation Data 251 DeGrave, K.; Jackiewicz, J.
Seismology of Small-Scale Magnetic Features using Numerical Simulation 259 Vigeesh, G.; Jackiewicz, J.
Helioseismic Implications of Mode Conversion 263 Moradi, H.; Cally, P. S.
V. Subsurface Flows and Solar Dynamo   
Helioseismic Perspective of the Solar Dynamo 271 Muñoz-Jaramillo, A.; Martens, P. C. H.; Nandy, D.
Modeling the Sun's Global Meridional Circulation 283 Dikpati, M.
Magnetic Polarity Streams and Subsurface Flows 291 Howe, R.; Baker, D.; Harra, L.; van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Komm, R.; Hill, F.; González Hernández, I.
The Effect of Latitudinal Averaging of Surface Tracers on Patterns of Torsional Oscillations 297 Tlatov, A. G.; Pevtsov, A. A.
The Torsional Oscillation and the Timing of the Solar Cycle: Is it Maximum Yet? 303 Howe, R.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.; Hill, F.; Komm, R.; Larson, T. P.; Schou, J.; Thompson, M. J.
VI. Link between Solar Interior and Atmosphere   
Helioseismology in Space Weather 309 González Hernández, I.
Active Region Position Effects on Seismic Holography Maps 317 Díaz Alfaro, M.; Pérez Hernández, F.; González Hernández, I.; Hartlep, T.
Computational Seismic Holography of Transient Seismic Emission from Flares 323 Lindsey, C.; Donea, A.-C.; Martínez Oliveros, J. C.
Exploring Possible Correlation Between the Eruptivity and the Subsurface Structure of Solar Active Regions 331 Lin, C.-H.
Chromospheric Doppler Velocity Oscillations in a Sunspot 339 Maurya, R. A.
Reflection and Refraction of (Magneto-)Acoustic Waves at the Magnetic Canopy: Further Evidences from Multi-Height Seismic Data 345 Rajaguru, S. P.; Sun, X.; Hayashi, K.; Couvidat, S.
VII. Stellar Variability, Structure, and Dynamics   
Challenges in Solar and Stellar Model Physics 351 Guzik, J. A.
Stellar Activity and Variability: Our Sun in a Stellar Context 365 Giampapa, M.
The Chemical Composition Dependence of Stellar Envelope Convection and Overshoot 377 Tanner, J. D.; Basu, S.; Demarque, P.
Observations of Red Giants in the Cluster NGC 6633 by the CoRoT Space Mission and the HARPS and SOPHIE Spectrometers 385 Barban, C.; Baudin, F.; Poretti, E.; Mosser, B.; Miglio, A.; Montalban, J.; Morel, T.; Hekker, S.; Kallinger, T.; Mathias, P.; CoRoT team
On the Amplitude of Solar-like Oscillations of Red Giants in Eclipsing Binaries 391 Gaulme, P.; Jackiewicz, J.
VIII. Future Prospects   
Where to go from here: The Future of Helio- and Astero-seismology 401 Hill, F.; Baldner, C. S.; García, R. A.; Roth, M.; Schunker, H.
IX. Other Papers   
Other Papers Presented at the Workshop 409
Back Matter   
Author Index 413 Jain, K.; Tripathy, S. C.; Hill, F.; Leibacher, J. W.; Pevtsov, A. A.
Subject Index 415 Jain, K.; Tripathy, S. C.; Hill, F.; Leibacher, J. W.; Pevtsov, A. A.
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