Title: The Fate of the Most Massive Stars
Volume: 332 Year: 2005 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Humphreys, Roberta M.; Stanek, Krzysztof Z.
ISBN: 1-58381-195-8 eISBN: 978-1-58381-266-2
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Paper Title Page Authors
Part 1.
Introduction to the Meeting
Evolution of the Most Massive Stars 3 Maeder, A.; Meynet, G.; Hirschi, R.
Eta Carinae--The Observational Story, 1600 to 2004 14 Humphreys, R.M.
Instabilities in the Most Massive Evolved Stars 22 Glatzel, W.
Supernovae and their Massive Star Progenitors 33 Filippenko, A.
Part 2.
Supernova Impostors
The Eta Carinae Analogs 47 Van Dyk, S.
The Pistol Star and Unstable Massive Stars at the Galactic Center 58 Najarro, F.
Witnessing a Major LBV Eruption at Low Metallicity: the Case of NGC 2363 - V1 69 Drissen, L.; Petit, V.
Simulations of a Supernova Imposter 75 Arnett, D.; Meakin, C.; Young, P.A.
Supernova Impostors in the Center for Astrophysics SN Database 86 Matheson, T.
SN1961v -- Supernova or Supernova Impostor? 90 Humphreys, R.M.
General Discussion Session II 94 n/a
Part 3.
Eta Carinae -- Closeup of an Impostor
The Physical Nature of Eta Carinae 101 Davidson, K.
The Optical Variability of Eta Carinae Since 1950 111 Martin, J.C.
Eta Carinae: the Near-Infrared Light-Curves 115 Whitelock, P.A.
The 5.5-yr Cycle in Eta Carinae in the Last 50 Years 119 Damineli, A.; Levenhagen, R.; Leister, N.V.
X Rays from an Impostor 123 Corcoran, M.F.
The Radio Cycle of Eta Carinae 126 White, S.M.; Duncan, R.A.; Chapman, J.M.; Koribalski, B.
Historical Eruptions of Eta Carinae: Looking Through the Homunculus 131 Ishibashi, K.
A Spectroscopic Event Viewed from Different Directions 137 Stahl, O.; Weis, K.; Bomans, D.; Davidson, K.; Humphreys, R.M.; Gull, T.R.
The Bipolar Wind of Eta Carinae 143 Smith, N.
The Mass Loss and Life Expectancy of Eta Carinae 147 de Koter, A.; van Boekel, R.; Kervella, P.; Schoeller, M.
General Discussion Session III 151 n/a
Part 4.
Poster Papers--eta Carinae and Related Objects
Quantitative Analysis of STIS Spectra of NGC 2363-V1 157 Petit, V.; Drissen, L.; Crowther, P.A.
New Insights from the Historical Record of Eta Carinae 158 Frew, D.
The Historical Spectra of Eta Car, 1892-1941 159 Humphreys, R.M.; Koppelman, M.
The Eta Car Campaign with UVES at the ESO VLT 160 Weis, K.; Bomans, D.; Stahl, O.; Davidson, K.; Humphreys, R.M.; Gull, T.R.
Eta Carinae: How do we Separate Wind from Ejecta? 161 Gull, T.R.; Nielsen, K.; Vieira, G.; HST Eta Carinae Treasury Team
The Absorption Spectrum of the Eta Car Ejecta 162 Nielsen, K.E.; Vieira, G.; Gull, T.R.
The Eta Car Campaign with UVES at the ESO VLT
II. Interstellar and Circumstellar Absorption Lines
163 Bomans, D.; Weis, K.; Stahl, O.; Gull, T.R.; Davidson, K.; Humphreys, R.M.
The Purple Haze of Eta Carinae 164 Smith, N.; Morse, J.A.; Collins, N.R.; Gull, T.R.
The Sub-Arcsecond Dusty Environment of Eta Carinae 165 Chesneau, O.; Min, M.; Herbst, T.; Waters, L.B.F.M.; Leinert, Ch.; Hillier, J.
Explaining the Features of the Bipolar Nebula of Eta Carinae Through Gas Dynamical Simulations 166 de Gouveia Dal Pino, E.M.; Gonzalez, R.F.; Raga, A.C.; Velezquez, P.F.
Part 5.
Physics of the Instability -- Beyond the Eddington Limit
Radiatively Driven Stellar Winds and Aspherical Mass Loss 169 Owocki, S.
Exceeding the Eddington Limit 180 Shaviv, N.
Stellar Evolution with Hydrodynamic Ejection 190 Young, P.A.
Mass Loss Near the Eddington Limit 195 Bjorkman, J.E.
On Thermal Dis-Equilibrium in Super-Eddington Stars 200 Gayley, K.
Instability Considerations for Massive Star Eruptions 204 Guzik, J.
General Discussion Session IV 209 n/a
Part 6.
Rotation, Mass Loss, Non-Spherical Stars, Metallicity, and the First Stars
Mass Loss in Massive Stars 215 Hillier, D.J.
Evolution at Very Low and Zero Z 228 Meynet, G.; Maeder, A.; Ekstrom, S.
Line Driven Winds, Ionizing Fluxes and UV-Spectra of Hot Stars at Extremely Low Metallicity 239 Kudritzki, R.-P.
The Critical Metallicity for Cosmic Star Formation 249 Schneider, R.
The Most Massive Stars in the Local Group: Measuring Accurate Masses of Stars in Eclipsing Binaries 253 Bonanos, A.Z.; Stanek, K.Z.
General Discussion Session V 257 n/a
Part 7.
Poster Papers--Instabilities, Mass Loss and Evolution
Pulsation-Driven Mass Loss in Luminous Blue Variables 263 Guzik, J.A.; Cox, A.N.; Despain, K.M.
Explaining the Discrepancy between "Empirical" and Predicted Ionization in the Winds of O-stars 264 Mokiem, M.R.; de Koter, A.
Opacity Effects on the Pulsations of 20 Solar Mass Models 265 Guzik, J.A.; Austin, B.A.
CNO Evolutionary Diagnostics in Magellanic Cloud O2 Spectra 266 Walborn, N.R.
First Stars and the Near Infrared Background 268 Salvaterra, R.; Ferrara, A.; Magliocchetti, M.
Part 8.
The Environments Created by Massive Eruptions
The Outer Ejecta of Eta Carinae 271 Weis, K.
Eta Carinae: The "Nearby" Ejecta 277 Gull, T.R.
HST Spectroscopy of Eta Car's Inner Ejecta 283 Hamann, F.
Physical Conditions in the Homunculus 294 Ferland, G.J.; Abel, N.; Davidson, K.; Smith, N.
The Dusty Homunculus Nebula of Eta Carinae 302 Smith, N.
The Solid State Composition and Mass of the Homunculus of Eta Carinae 313 de Koter, A.; Min, M.; van Boekel, R.; Chesneau, O.
Dust formation in LBV Envelopes 317 Gail, H.-P.; Duschl, W.J.; Ferrarotti A.S.; Weis, K.
The Environments of the Most Massive Stars 320 Dwarkadas, V.
Dust in Supernovae and Supernova Remnants 324 Edmunds, M.G.; Morgan, H.L.
General Discussion Session VI 332 n/a
Part 9.
Final Stages of the Most Massive Stars I.-- Supernovae
Final Stages of the Most Massive Stars 339 Heger, A.; Woosley, S.E.; Baraffe, I.
Rotating Core Collapse and Bipolar Supernova Explosions 350 Burrows, A.; Walder, R.; Ott, C.D.; Livne, E.
Supernova Asymmetries and Pulsar Kicks -- Views on Controversial Issues 363 Janka, H.-Th.; Scheck, L.; Kifonidis, K.; Mueller, E.; Plewa, T.
Hypernovae, Black-Hole-Forming Supernovae, and First Stars 374 Nomoto, K.; Tominaga, N.; Umeda, H.; Maeda, K.; Ohkubo, T.; Deng, J.; Mazzali, P.A.
Hypernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursts 385 Mazzali, P.A.; Nomoto, K.; Deng, J.; Maeda, K.; Tominaga, N.
General Discussion Session VII 390 n/a
Part 10.
Final Stages of the Most Massive Stars II.--Gamma Ray Bursters
Supernovae, Gamma-Ray Bursts, and Stellar Rotation 395 Woosley, S.E.; Heger, A.
The Supernovae Associated with Gamma-Ray Bursts 403 Matheson, T.
General Discussion Session VIII 407 n/a
Part 11.
Poster Papers--Supernovae and GRB's
Quantitative Spectroscopy of Type II Supernovae with CMFGEN 415 Dessart, L.; Hillier, D.J.
X-ray Binaries as Indicators of SN Explosions 416 Harlaftis, E.T.; Filippenko, A.
X-Ray Emission from SN 1986J 417 Houck, J.C.
SN Evolution in the Environment of Massive Stars 418 Dwarkadas, V.
Production of Gamma Ray Bursts from Asymmetric Core Combustion of Magnetized Young Neutron Stars 419 de Gouveia Dal Pino, E.M.; Lugones, G.; Horvath, J.E.; Ghezzi, C.R.
Miscellaneous Conference Photos 420 unknown