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Paper: Dust formation in LBV Envelopes
Volume: 332, The Fate of the Most Massive Stars
Page: 317
Authors: Gail, H.-P.; Duschl, W.J.; Ferrarotti A.S.; Weis, K.
Abstract: The condensation process for the peculiar element mixture of CNO cycle processed material in the pre-SN ejecta of massive stars is investigated. From thermodynamic equilibrium calculations it is shown that the most likely solids to be formed in CNO process equilibrated materials are solid FeSi, metallic Fe, and small quantities of forsterite (Mg2SiO4). Nucleation may be triggered by TiC. Some SiC may be formed by non-equilibrium condensation. As a case study for these substances the non-equilibrium dust condensation in the outflow is calculated for a simple stationary wind model which shows, that these dust species indeed can be formed in the ejecta.
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