Title: The Space Distribution of Quasars
Volume: 21 Year: 1991 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Crampton, David
ISBN: 0-937707-40-6 eISBN: 978-1-58381-357-7
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Paper Title Page Authors
Early results from ROSAT - X-ray source counts and background 1 Schmidt, M.; Hasinger, G.; Truemper, J.
A deep ROSAT survey 6 Georgantopoulos, I.; Stewart, G. C.; Pounds, K. A.; Shanks, T.; Boyle, B. J.; Griffiths, R. E.
The CFHT (MOS/PUMA) faint quasar survey 17 Schade, David
SA 94 - A test lab for QSO counts, clustering and variability 22 Cristiani, S.; La Franca, F.; Andreani, P.; Vio, R.; Barbieri, C.; Lazzarin, M.
The faint quasar luminosity function 32 Kron, Richard G.; Bershady, Matthew A.; Munn, Jeffrey A.; Smetanka, John J.; Majewski, Steven; Koo, David C.
The log N - M relation in a sample of quasars with BJ not greater than 22.0 46 Zamorani, Giovanni; Marano, Bruno; Zitelli, Valentina; Mignoli, Marco; Cimatti, Andrea; Boyle, Brian
A proper motion and variability QSO survey to B = 22.5 55 Majewski, Steven R.; Munn, Jeffrey A.; Kron, Richard G.; Bershady, Matthew A.; Smetanka, John J.; Koo, David C.
The variability of a large sample of quasars 67 Hook, I. M.; McMahon, R. G.; Boyle, B. J.; Irwin, M. J.
A homogeneous bright quasar survey description of a Key-Programme 76 Cristiani, S.; La Franca, F.; Andreani, P.; Gemmo, A.; Vio, R.; Barbieri, C.; Lazzarin, M.; Sanvico, M.; Miller, L.; Goldschmidt, C.
Outline of a liquid mirror telescope QSO survey 80 Gibson, Brad K.; Hickson, Paul
The Liege GRISM search for quasars 84 Gosset, E.; Surdej, J.; Cheng, F. H.; Swings, J. P.
The efficiency of CCD multicolor surveys for high redshift quasars 88 Porter, Alain; Campin, Michael; Ogle, Patrick; Maraziti, Deborah; Green, Richard; Osmer, Patrick
The Edinburgh Multicolor Survey 93 Goldschmidt, P.; Miller, L.; Mitchell, P. S.; Boyle, B. J.; Cannon, R. D.; Griffiths, W. K.; Lilly, S. J.; Prestage, R. M.; Stobie, R. S.
Modeling Lyman line and continuum absorption to assess completeness of multi colour quasar samples 96 Moller, Palle; Warren, Stephen
Emission-line properties of faint quasars and compact galaxies 100 Smetanka, John J.; Bershady, Matthew A.; Kron, Richard G.; Munn, Jeffrey A.; Koo, David C.; Majewski, Steven R.
The Baldwin Effect in Complete Optically Selected Samples of Quasars 105 Ziteill, V.; Zamorani, G.; Marano, B.; Mignoll, M.; Boyle, B. J.
Luminosity function of quasars at large redshifts from GRISM surveys 109 Schmidt, Maarten; Schneider, Donald P.; Gunn, James E.
APM optical surveys for high redshift quasars 117 Irwin, Mike; McMahon, Richard G.; Hazard, Cyril
Radio loud quasars with high redshift 129 McMahon, Richard
The quasar luminosity function Z in the range of 2.2 - 4.5 139 Warren, S. J.; Hewett, P. C.; Osmer, P. S.
The cosmological evolution and luminosity function of X-ray selected active galactic nuclei 150 della Ceca, Roberto; Maccacaro, Tommaso
The effects of gravitational lensing on the quasar luminosity function 160 Webster, Rachel
A biased account of biases in QSO surveys 170 Hazard, Cyril
Spectral uncertainties and the luminosity function of quasars 180 Giallongo, Emanuele; Vagnetti, Fausto
Evolution of the X-ray luminosity function of AGN 184 Marshall, Herman L.
QSO evolution and clustering at Z less than 2.9 191 Boyle, B. J.; Jones, L. R.; Shanks, T.; Marano, B.; Zitelli, V.; Zamorani, G.
The clustering of quasars and its evolution 202 Iovino, A.; Shaver, P. A.; Cristiani, S.
The evolution of luminous quasars 212 Goldschmidt, P.; Miller, L.
The cosmological evolution of BL Lacertae objects 218 Stocke, John T.; Perlman, Eric S.; Wurtz, Ron; Morris, Simon L.
The large-scale clustering of radio galaxies 230 Peacock, John
Large groups of quasars 248 Clowes, Roger G.; Campusano, Luis E.
About a Coordinated Redshift Survey of Quasar Candidates to B - 19 and Z = 2.2 in the South Galactic Pole Field 256 Campusano, L.
Claims for periodicity in quasar redshifts 264 Scott, Douglas
The influence of quasars on the Lyman-alpha forest 272 Dobrzycki, Adam; Bechtold, Jill
Quasar superclustering 281 Bahcall, Neta A.; Chokshi, Arati
Superclustering at High Redshifts 290 West, M. J.
The clustering of IRAS Seyfert galaxies 300 Georgantopoulos, I.; Shanks, T.
Gravitational lensing of quasars 304 Kaiser, Nick; Tribble, Peter
Associations between galaxies and bright quasars 317 Drinkwater, M. J.; Webster, R. L.; Thomas, P. A.
A search for quasar protoclusters at Z greater than 4 325 Djorgovski, S.; Smith, J. D.; Thompson, D. J.
Cosmic evolution of Quasar radio structure 331 Hutchings, J. B.; Neff, S. G.
Quasars in rich galaxy cluster environments 334 Ellingson, E.; Yee, H. K. C.
Galaxy clustering around QSOs at Z of 0.9-1.5 344 Boyle, B. J.; Perlmutter, S.; Goldhaber, G.; Muller, R.; Marvin, H.; Pennypacker, C.; Couch, W. J.
A Search for Closely-Spaced Gravitational Lenses 347 Crampton, D.; McClure, R. D.; Fletcher, J. M.
Quasar pairs at large redshifts 349 Djorgovski, S.
A search for primeval galaxies 354 Thompson, D. J.; Djorgovski, S.; Trauger, J.
A Radio-Quiet Quasar Inside an Abell Cluster of Richness Class 0? 358 Meza, A. F.; Campusano, L. E.
Quasars and galaxy formation 361 Turner, Edwin L.
Structure formation in a low bias CDM universe 369 Couchman, H. M. P.; Carlberg, R. G.
Radio galaxies and galaxy formation 379 Peacock, John
A Spectroscopic Survey for 10000 Quasars 389 Boyle, B. J.
CFHT Quasar Surveys 390 Crampton, D.; Cowley, A. P.; Hartwick, F. D. A.; Schade, D. J.
A Deep BRX Survey for High Redshift Quasars 391 McMahon, R. G.; Irwin, M.
A Deep QSO Survey 393 Majewski, S. R.
High-Redshift Quasar Surveys in Progress 394 Schmidt, M.; Schneider, D. P.; Gunn, J. E.