Title: Revealing the Molecular Universe: One Antenna Is Never Enough
Volume: 356 Year: 2006 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Backer, D.C.; Turner, J.L; Moran, J.M.
ISBN: 978-1-583812-24-2 eISBN: 978-1-58381-290-7
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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 356 Cover Plambeck, D.; Backer, D.C.; Turner, J.L; Moran, J.M.
Front Matter   
Volume 356 Front Matter 1 Backer, D.C.; Turner, J.L; Moran, J.M.
Conference Photo   
Volume 356 Conference Photo 2 Backer, D.C.; Turner, J.L; Moran, J.M.
Part 1.
Radio Telescope Facilities–One Antenna Is Never Enough
The Legacy of the BIMA Millimeter Array 3 Plambeck, R.L.
CARMA: Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-Wave Astronomy 17 Bock, D.C.J.
The Allen Telescope Array 27 Dreher, J.
The Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Array and the 10-m South Pole Telescope 35 Carlstrom, J.E.
The Submillimeter Array 45 Moran, J.M.
ALMA: Exploring the Outer Limits of the Millimeter Sky 59 Wootten, A.
The EVLA Project: Ten Times More Capability for the VLA 65 Napier, P.J.
Part 2.
Development of the Hat Creek Radio Observatory
Early Days of the Radio Astronomy Laboratory and the Hat Creek Radio Observatory 75 Weaver, H.F.
The Discovery of Interstellar Water Vapor and Ammonia at the Hat Creek Radio Observatory 81 Townes, C.H.
Almost 50 Years at HCRO: One Decade is Never Enough 87 Forster, J.R.
Mapping HI and B at Hat Creek. . . and Beyond 99 Heiles, C.
Very Long Baseline Interferometry: One Observatory is Never Enough 109 Backer, D.C.
The History of SETI at the Hat Creek Radio Observatory 117 Tarter, J.
The Future of the UC Berkeley Radio Astronomy Laboratory 127 Blitz, L.
Part 3.
Star and Star Formation Science
A Tale of Two HII Regions 139 Turner, J.L.
Chemistry of HCN and HCxN in the Envelopes of Cool Evolved Stars: Contributions of the BIMA Interferometer 149 Beiging, J.H.
L1551: Finding New Things in an Old Cloud 159 Swift, J.; Welch, Wm. J.; DiFrancesco, J.
From Cloud to Cluster: A Tale of Orion 169 Stahler, S.W.
Circumstellar Structures: Star Formation Building Blocks 177 Looney, L.W.
Some Notes on Jack Welch's Contributions to Interferometer Observations of Large Interstellar Biomolecules 187 Snyder, L.E.
The W49A Connection 197 Dickel, H.R.
Imaging Molecular Gas in Nearby Galaxies: One Pointing is Never Enough 205 Helfer, T.T.
Submillimeter Studies of Circumstellar and Protoplanetary Disks in Taurus and Orion 213 Williams, J.; Andrews, S.M.
The Distribution of Deuterium in the ISM: One Nucleon is Never Enough 223 Phillips, T.G.; Lis, D.C.
The Evolution of Aging Stars and the Return of Matter to the Next Generation 233 Meixner, M.
Musings from a Welch Foot-Soldier: Formation of Massive Stars 243 Ho, P.T.P
Part 4. Posters   
Characteristics and Performance of the North American ALMA Prototype Antenna 253 Mangum, J.G.; Baars, J.W.M.; Greve, A.; Lucas, R.; Snel, R.; Wallace, P.
Interstellar Molecules in K-12 Education 261 Kuiper, T.B.H.; Hofstader, M.D.; Levin, S.M.; MacLaren, D.
A Molecular Line Study of the Recently Discovered Class 0 Source Barnard 1-c 266 Matthews, B.C.; Hogerheijde, M.; Bergin, E.
A Massive Protobinary System in the Hot Core W3(H2O) 270 Chen, H.-R.; Welch, W.J.; Wilner, D.J.; Sutton, E.C.
Maps and Results from the SCUBA Public Archive 275 Di Francesco, J.; Ledwosinska, E.; Johnstone, D.; Kirk, H.
The Impact of Galaxy Outflows on Overdense Regions of the Universe and the Origin of the ICM 279 Frye, B.L.; Demarco, R.; Ford, H.; Homeier, N.; Mei, S.
Part 5.
Concluding Remarks
Some Thoughts about Past and Future Radio Astronomy Activities at Berkeley 283 Welch, Wm. J.
Back Matter   
Volume 356 Back Matter 290 Backer, D.C.; Turner, J.L; Moran, J.M.
Volume 356 Photographs 999 Backer, D.C.; Turner, J.L; Moran, J.M.