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Paper: Chemistry of HCN and HCxN in the Envelopes of Cool Evolved Stars: Contributions of the BIMA Interferometer
Volume: 356, Revealing the Molecular Universe: One Antenna Is Never Enough
Page: 149
Authors: Beiging, J.H.
Abstract: This paper reviews the contributions made by the BIMA interferometer at Hat Creek to our understanding of the chemical processes in the winds of ABG stars, with particular focus on the formation and destruction of HCN and the related species of cyanopolyynes (HCxN), x = 3, 5, 7, ...). The parallel developments in observations and theoretical models are summarized. Finally, recent work on the origin of HCN in the oxygen-rich (C/O < 1) M giants is discussed. The likely role of pulsationally driven shocks is emphasized.
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