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Paper: A Tale of Two HII Regions
Volume: 356, Revealing the Molecular Universe: One Antenna Is Never Enough
Page: 139
Authors: Turner, J.L.
Abstract: The tale is of two compact HII regions: one two kiloparsecs away in the Galaxy, the source W3(OH); the other 2000 times farther away, in the dwarf galaxy NGC 5253. One contains a hot molecular core with two young B stars; the other, a giant compact HII region with 7000 O stars. Both discoveries have their origins in the Radio Astronomy Laboratory at Berkeley in the 1980s, under the leadership of Jack Welch. The narrative begins with the two-element millimeter interferometer and the RAL during the early 1980s, the collaborations that developed there, and the development of our understanding of these two HII regions.
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