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Paper: The Legacy of the BIMA Millimeter Array
Volume: 356, Revealing the Molecular Universe: One Antenna Is Never Enough
Page: 3
Authors: Plambeck, R.L.
Abstract: Astronomical interferometry at millimeter wavelengths began in the late 1970's at the Hat Creek Radio Observatory. The Berkeley-Illinois-Maryland Array- Association (BIMA) array began operation in the late 1980s, and grew to become a 10-element aperture synthesis instrument operating at wavelengths of 3mm and 1.3mm. The BIMA array was shut down in 2004 June, and its telescopes were moved to form part of the new Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy (CARMA). I describe some of the key accomplishments of the BIMA array over this 25-year period.
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