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Paper: A Molecular Line Study of the Recently Discovered Class 0 Source Barnard 1-c
Volume: 356, Revealing the Molecular Universe: One Antenna Is Never Enough
Page: 266
Authors: Matthews, B.C.; Hogerheijde, M.; Bergin, E.
Abstract: We present a BIMA molecular line study of the Class 0 source Barnard 1-c in the Perseus molecular cloud. As followup to the detection of an atypical polarization pattern in this young stellar object, we have obtained high resolution data in CO, C18O, 13CO, HCO+, and N2H+ from BIMA, plus N2H+ data from FCRAO. N2H+ is destroyed in the core center and along the jet axis due to the high abundance of CO. The N2H+ data demonstrate that this core is rotating with its rotation axis aligned with the observed molecular outflow. We have used high spectral resolution data of N2H+ to measure the velocity and linewidths across the core. We find that B1-c exhibits similar morphology and kinematics to IRAM 04191+1522, another very young Class 0 source in Taurus.
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