Title: Astrophysics of Variable Stars
Volume: 349 Year: 2006 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Sterken, Christiaan; Aerts, Conny
ISBN: 1-58381-217-2 eISBN: 978-1-58381-283-9
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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 349 Cover Kollath, Z.; Sterken, C.; Aerts, C.
Front Matter   
Volume 349 Front Matter 1 Sterken, C.; Aerts, C.
Volume 349 Conference Photograph 2 Sterken, C.; Aerts, C.
Part 1.
Variable Star Science
Astronomical Databases, Space Photometry, and Time Series Analysis: an Overview 3 Samus, N.N.
Astronomical Databases, Space Photometry and Time Series Analysis: Open Questions 15 Eyer, L.
Virtual Observatory: What Is It and How Can It Help Me? 29 Solano, E.
Binaries as Astrophysical Laboratories: an Overview 41 Maceroni, C.
Binaries as Astrophysical Laboratories: Open Questions 55 Ribas, I.
Binary Stars and their Light Curves 71 Wilson, R.E.
Eclipsing Binary Stars: Future Work 91 Terrell, D.
Stellar Pulsation: an Overview 101 Kurtz, D.W.
Stellar Pulsation: Open Questions 129 De Ridder, J.
Intrinsic Variability in Multiple Systems and Clusters: an Overview 137 Pigulski, A.
Intrinsic Variability in Multiple Systems and Clusters: Open Questions 153 Lampens, P.
Pro-Am Collaboration and the AAVSO 165 Henden, A.A.
Part 2.
PhD Projects
The Delta Scuti Star 44 Tauri 181 Antoci, V.; Breger, M.; Bischof, K.; Garrido, R.
Radial-Velocity Curve of the SB2 System HD434 185 Atanasova, E.; Stateva, I.; Iliev, I.K.
The Unique Eclipsing System KH15D: Photometry 189 Barsunova, O.Y.; Grinin, V.P.; Sergeev, S.G.
Temperature Variation on Spotted Stars 193 Biazzo, K.; Frasca, A.; Catalano, S.; Marilli, E.; Tas, G.
CCD Photometry of KR Aurigae in 1996–2005 197 Boeva, S.; Antov, A.; Semkov, E.; Bachev, R.
Do Radiative Forces in β Cephei Stars Have an Effect on the Excitation of their Pulsations? 201 Bourge, P.-O.; Alecian, G.
Spectropolarimetric Study of γ Peg in the He I 6678 Line 207 Butkovskaya, V.
Understanding the Relationship between Observations and Stellar Parameters in an Eclipsing Binary System 211 Creevey, O.L.; Brown, T.M.; Jimenez-Reyes, S.; Belmonte, J.A.
A New Tool in the Modelling of Stellar Pulsations 215 Csubry, Z.; Kollath, Z.
Classification of COROT Exoplanet Light Curves 219 Debosscher, J.; Aerts, C.; Vandenbussche, B.
Pulsational Analysis of RR Lyrae Stars 225 Di Criscienzo, M.; Marconi, M.; Caputo, F.
Photometric and Spectroscopic Study of the Ellipsoidal Variable 33 Tau 229 Dimitrov, D.; Panov, K.
A Possible Light-Time Effect of the RR Lyrae Variable SS Cancri 233 Elmash, A.; Aksu, O.; Albayrak, B.; Selam, S.O.
Structural Modification of Stellar Atmospheres by the Diamagnetic Effect 237 Farbiash, N.; Steinitz, R.
An Evolutionary Scenario for Low-Mass Metal-Poor Cepheids 241 Fiorentino, G.; Limongi, M.; Caputo, F.; Marconi, M.
Can β Cephei Variables be Modelled with Polytropes? 245 Godart, M.
Multiperiodic Pulsations in the Be Stars NW Ser and V1446 Aql 249 Gutierrez-Soto, J.; Fabregat, J.; Suso, J.; Suarez, J.C.; Moya, A.; Garrido, R.; Hubert, A.M.; Floquet, M.; Neiner, C.; Fremat, Y.
Infrared Variability of Herbig Ae Stars 253 Juhasz, A.; Abraham, P.; Prusti, T.
Determination of Fundamental Parameters with Stroemgren Photometry 257 Kaiser, A.
Milli-Magnitude Time-Resolved Photometry with BEST 261 Karoff, C.; Rauer, H.; Erikson, A.; Voss, H.
Kepler Equation for Compact Binaries under the Spin-Spin Interaction 265 Keresztes, Z.; Mikoczi, B.
Infrared Monitoring of the Outburst of OOSerpentis 269 Kospal, A.; Abraham, P.; Prusti, T.; Siebenmorgen, R.; Acosta-Pulido, J.; Moor, A.
The Metallicity of MACHO Galactic Bulge RR0 Lyrae Stars from Fourier Coefficients of Light Curves 273 Kunder, A.M.; Chaboyer, B.; Popowski, P.; Nikolaev, S.; Cook, K.H.
Fundamental Parameters of Massive OBA Stars: Studying the GAUDI Sample in Preparation of COROT 277 Lefever, K.; Puls, J.; Aerts, C.
Limit of the Convective Core in δ Scuti Stars 281 Lenain, G.
A Calibration of Stellar Parameters for A and F Stars 285 Lorenz, D.; Breger, M.; Pamyatnykh, A.
Gravitational Waveforms in the Lense-Thirring Approximation 289 Majar, J.
Detached and Semidetached Binaries in the Large Magellanic Cloud 293 Michalska, G.
Signatures of Convective Cores in Gravity Modes 297 Miglio, A.
Frequency Evolution of Gravitational Waves for Compact Binaries 301 Mikoczi, B.
Red Giants as Asteroseismology Targets 305 Moreira, O.
Determination of the Interstellar Extinction of Symbiotic Stars from the Ultraviolet Continuum 309 Parimucha, S.; Vanko, M.
A Possible Extension of the Stellingwerf One-Zone Stellar Model 313 Pricopi, D.
An Activity Index for the FEROS Spectra 319 Rainer, M.; Bossi, M.; Mantegazza, L.
NLTE Spectral Analysis of GWVir Pulsators 323 Reiff, E.; Jahn, D.; Rauch, T.; Werner, K.; Kruk, J.W.; Herwig, F.
High Time-Resolution VLT Spectroscopy of the roAp Star HD134214 327 Riley, J.D; Kurtz, D.W.; Elkin, V.G.; Mathys, G.
Light Curve Analysis of the Eclipsing Binary System V404 Lyrae 331 Somosvari, B.M.; Csizmadia, S.
Search for Pulsating Stars in the Open Cluster NGC1502 335 Steslicki, M.
Kinematics and Variable Stars in NGC1907 and NGC1912 339 Szabo, G.M.; Furesz, G.; Szekely, P.; Szentgyorgyi, A.H.
A Comprehensive Survey of Variable Stars in the Globular Cluster NGC362 343 Szekely, P.
Echelle Spectroscopy of Double-Mode Cepheids 347 Sziladi, K.; Vinko, J.; Poretti, E.; Szabados, L.; Kun, M.
An Observational Test on the Origin of Magnetic Fields in Chemically Peculiar Stars of the Upper Main Sequence 351 Tamajo, E.; Pavlovski, K.
Influence of Radiation Pressure on the Geometry of Close Binaries 355 Tsantilas, S.; Rovithis-Livaniou, H.
Incidence of Variability in the Open Cluster NGC3293 359 Tuvikene, T.; Sterken, C.
Influence of Metallicity on Distance Indicators in the Near Universe: the Red Clump 363 Van Helshoecht, V.; Groenewegen, M.A.T.
Fundamental Properties of Eclipsing Binary Stars in the Andromeda Galaxy 367 Vilardell, F.; Ribas, I.; Jordi, C.
Whole Earth Telescope Observations of PG0014+067, a Key Pulsating Subdwarf B Star 371 Vuckovic, M.; Kawaler, S.D.; the Whole Earth Telescope Xcov24 Team
Physical Parameters of the Overcontact Binary AH Cnc in the Old Open Cluster M67 375 Yakut, K.; Aerts, C.
New Systems Showing the Light-Time Effect 379 Zasche, P.
Part 3.
Poster Papers
Rotational Modulation of Hα Emission and Effective Temperature on Spotted Stars 385 Biazzo, K.; Frasca, A.; Catalano, S.; Marilli, E.
Interested in Observing TrES-Her0-07621? 387 Creevey, O.L.; Brown, T.M.; Jimenez-Reyes, S.; Belmonte, J.A.
The Young Binary System AKSco: Wavelength Dependent Brightness Variation in the Infrared 389 Csengeri, T.; Zsom, A.; Abraham, P.
Flare Activity of YZ CMi in 1999–2005 391 Dimitrov, D.; Panov, K.
Noise Originating from Intra-pixel Structure and Satellite Attitude Jitter on COROT 393 Karoff, C.; Arentoft, T.; Kjeldsen, H.
Extinction toward the Galactic Bulge from RR Lyrae Stars 395 Kunder, A.M.; Popowski, P.; Cook, K.H.; Nikolaev, S.; Chaboyer, B.
Search for Differential Rotation in the A- and F-type Stars of the GAUDI Database 397 Rainer, M.; Mantegazza, L.
Binary Systems Evolution History: Spin Correlation in Visual Binaries Independent of Member Separation 399 Steinitz, R.; Farbiash, N.
Part 4.
Communication of Scientific Results
Research Projects, Collaborations and Career Aspects – Evening Discussion Summary 403 Handler, G.
The Daily Challenges of a Researcher – Evening Discussion Forum 411 Cunha, M.
Public Outreach in Asteroseismology 421 Kollath, Z.
Advice on Giving a Scientific Talk 435 Kurtz, D.
Advice on Writing a Scientific Paper 445 Sterken, C.
Back Matter   
Back Matter 469 Sterken, C.; Aerts, C.