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Paper: Infrared Variability of Herbig Ae Stars
Volume: 349, Astrophysics of Variable Stars
Page: 253
Authors: Juhasz, A.; Abraham, P.; Prusti, T.
Abstract: We present the results of a monitoring programme to study the infrared variability of Herbig Ae stars with the Infrared Space Observatory. All four stars observed belong to the UX Ori subclass. We performed a detailed study on SV Cep, which showed the highest variability in our sample. The data show correlation between the optical and far-infrared (60–100 μm) variability and an anti-correlation between the optical and the near-infrared domain. The results suggest that the reason of the infrared variability is either the intrinsic change in the luminosity of the central star, or changes in the circumstellar dust structure.
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