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Paper: Echelle Spectroscopy of Double-Mode Cepheids
Volume: 349, Astrophysics of Variable Stars
Page: 347
Authors: Sziladi, K.; Vinko, J.; Poretti, E.; Szabados, L.; Kun, M.
Abstract: We have obtained high-resolution (R ∼ 48000) spectra of thirteen southern double-mode Cepheids using the FEROS spectrograph at the 2.20-m telescope on La Silla with a signal-to-noise ratio of about 200 to 350. The aim of the project is to specify physical parameters (chemical abundance, gravity and temperature) and evolutionary status of beat Cepheids. We present the method of the detailed spectroscopic investigation and its application to EY Car. We intend to refine the existing period ratio – metallicity relations. This new calibration may allow us to determine whether metallicities smaller than the solar value are the actual reasons for the observed period ratios of the galactic Cepheids.
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