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Paper: Milli-Magnitude Time-Resolved Photometry with BEST
Volume: 349, Astrophysics of Variable Stars
Page: 261
Authors: Karoff, C.; Rauer, H.; Erikson, A.; Voss, H.
Abstract: We present a comparative test of different photometry algorithms. The test has been made in order to optimize the number of stars for which light curves with milli-magnitude precision can be achieved in observations made by the Berlin Exoplanet Search Telescope (BEST), a small wide-angle telescope, located at Observatoire de Haute-Provence (OHP), France. The observations are part of an ongoing variability characterization of the target fields of the COROT space mission, therefore special attention is paid to overcome the problems introduced by crowding of the dense COROT fields. We also describe an algorithm for detecting variable stars in the data.
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