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Paper: Fundamental Parameters of Massive OBA Stars: Studying the GAUDI Sample in Preparation of COROT
Volume: 349, Astrophysics of Variable Stars
Page: 277
Authors: Lefever, K.; Puls, J.; Aerts, C.
Abstract: GAUDI is a preparatory archive for the COROT mission, foreseen to be launched in August 2006. It contains spectroscopic and photometric data, together with inferred physical parameters for more than 1500 objects gathered in six years of ground-based observational campaigns, in preparation of the asteroseismology programme of COROT. In order to obtain a precise estimate of the fundamental stellar parameters such as effective temperatures, surface gravities, luminosities, abundances and projected rotational velocities of the massive OBA stars in this database, we use the method of line-profile fitting based on NLTE line-formation predictions for unified atmospheres with winds. We present our plan to carry out the line profile analysis for the spectra available in the GAUDI-database. The results will be subjected to a statistical analysis in the coming year, in an attempt to derive accurate calibrations for fundamental parameters in the B type spectral range, as these are still lacking at the moment.
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