Title: 1604-2004: Supernovae as Cosmological Lighthouses
Volume: 342 Year: 2005 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Turatto, Massimo; Benetti, Stefano; Zampieri, Luca; Shea, William
ISBN: 1-58381-209-1 eISBN: 978-1-58381-276-1
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Paper Title Page Authors
Part 1.
New Stars for a New Astronomy
Tycho Brahe and the Nova of 1572 3 Gingerich, O.
Galileo and the Supernova of 1604 13 Shea, W.
Kepler's Observations of the Supernova of 1604 21 Lombardi, A.
The Discussion between Kepler and Roeslin on the Nova of 1604 30 Granada, M.A.
Island Universes, Novae and Supernovae.
A Great Debate of the XX Century
43 Pigatto, L.
SN 1604 in the East 48 Wang, Z.R.; Zhao, Y.; Li, M.; Zhou, Q.L.
Fritz Zwicky: Novae Become Supernovae 53 Koenig, T.
Part 2.
Supernova Cornerstones
Historical Supernovae 63 Stephenson, F.R.; Green, D.A.
Seventy Years of Supernova Searches 71 Cappellaro, E.
SN 1987A: The Unusual Explosion of a Normal Type II Supernova 78 Panagia, N.
An Observational Review of Core-Collapse Supernovae 87 Filippenko, A.V.
Supernovae and Gravitational Waves 93 Cerdonio, M.
Part 3.
Precursor Stars and Stellar Populations
Effects of Rotation on Pre-supernova Models 99 Meynet, G.; Hirschi, R.; Maeder, A.
Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae: Circumstellar Interaction, Rotation, and Steady Hydrogen Burning 105 Nomoto, K.; Suzuki, T.; Deng, J.; Uenishi, T.; Hachisu, I.
Searching for Progenitors of Core-Collapse Supernovae 115 Van Dyk, S.D.
Presupernova Evolution and Explosive Nucleosynthesis of Massive Stars at Various Metallicities from Z=0 to Z=ZSolar 122 Limongi, M.; Chieffi, A.
Modelling the Progenitors of Core-Collapse Supernovae 126 Eldridge, J.J.; Tout, C.A.
Massive Rotating Stars: Pre-Supernova Evolution at Solar Metallicity 131 Hirschi, R.; Meynet, G.; Maeder, A.
The Influence of the Environment on the Rate of Type Ia Supernovae in Radio Galaxies 133 Della Valle, M.; Panagia, N.; Padovani, P.; Cappellaro, E.; Mannucci, F.; Turatto, M.
Rates and Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae 140 Mannucci, F.
Supernovae in Active and Star Forming Galaxies 145 Petrosian, A.; Navasardyan, H.; Turatto, M.; Cappellaro, E.; McLean, B.; Allen, R.; Panagia, N.; Leitherer, C.; MacKenty, J.
Supernova Rates in Galaxy Clusters 149 Maoz, D.
The Progenitor of SN 2003gd 153 Maund, J.R; Smartt, S.J.
Pre-supernova Collapsing Stars: from Theory to Observations 155 Kryvdyk, V.
White Dwarfs Undergoing Hydrogen Shell Burning in Single Degenerate Binary Systems 158 Orio, M.
Part 4.
The Physics of Supernovae
Thermonuclear Explosions 163 Hillebrandt, W.
Clues on Type Ia Supernovae Progenitors 169 Tornambe, A.; Piersanti, L.
The Core Collapse Supernova Mechanism: Current Models, Gaps, and the Road Ahead 175 Mezzacappa, A.
Core-Collapse Supernova Theory, Rotation, and Quasi-Bipolar Explosions 184 Burrows, A.
Magnetorotational Supernova Simulations 190 Moiseenko, S.G.; Bisnovatyi-Kogan, G.S.; Ardeljan, N.V.
The Triple Ring Nebula around SN 1987A 194 Morris, T.; Podsiadlowski, Ph.
The Innermost Zones of Core Collapse Supernovae 199 Froehlich, C.; Hauser, P.; Thielemann, F.-K.; Liebendoerfer, M.; Pinedo, G.M.
The Ignition Process of Type Ia Supernovae 201 Iapichino, L.; Hillebrandt, W.
The Convective Urca Process 203 Lesaffre, P.; Podsiadlowski, Ph.; Tout, C.A.
Effects of Stellar Medium Density Inhomogeneities and Cosmic Rays on X-ray and Gamma-ray Radiation from Supernova Envelopes 205 Petukhov, Yu.V.; Razin, A.V.; Razin, V.A.
Part 5.
Multiwavelength Observations of Thermonuclear Supernovae
Type Ia Supernovae as Distance Indicators 211 Phillips, M.M.
Multiband Observations of Type Ia Supernovae at Late Times 217 Meikle, P.; Khreegi, Y.; Kotak, R.
Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Type Ia Supernovae at Low- and High-Redshift 224 Nugent, P.
Probing the Type Ia Environment with Light Echoes . 229 Patat, F.
The Diversity of Type Ia Supernovae 235 Benetti, S.
Properties of Type Ia Supernova Host Galaxies 242 Garnavich, P.M.; Gallagher, J.
SN 2003cg: a Type Ia in NGC 3169 247 Elias de la Rosa, N.; The European Supernova Collaboration
Surprises from the Type Ia SN 2003du 250 Gerardy, C.L.
Restframe I-band Hubble Diagram for Type Ia Supernovae up to Redshift z ∼ 0.5 253 Nobili, S.; Supernova Cosmology Project
The Type Ia SN 1999cw: Photometric and Spectroscopic Study 255 Bufano, F.; Turatto, M.; Benetti, S.; Harutyunyan, A.; Elias de la Rosa, N.; Cappellaro, E.
Supernova Spectra Comparison Tool 258 Harutyunyan, A.; Benetti, S.; Cappellaro, E.; Turatto, M.
Search for Spectral Evolution in High-redshift Type Ia Supernovae 260 Garavini, G.; Supernova Cosmology Project
First Light of the Supernova Integral Field Spectrograph 262 Garavini, G.; Nearby Supernova Factory Collaboration
Optical and Near-Infrared Observations of SN 2002ic 264 Kotak, R.; Meikle, W.P.S.
Optical and Infrared Observations of SN 2002dj: a Twin of SN 2002bo 266 Pignata, G.; Benetti, S.; Buson, L.; Hillebrandt, W.; Leibundgut, B.; Mazzali, P.A.; Mendez, J.; Patat, F.; Ruiz-Lapuente, P.; Stehle, M.; Turatto, M.
Spectroscopy and Photometry of Type Ia Supernova 2003du: Results of the ESC/RTN Campaign 268 Stanishev, V; European Supernova Collaboration
Constraining the Hubble Constant from Models of Type Ia Supernovae 270 Stritzinger, M.D.; Leibundgut, B.
Intermediate-band Photometry of Type Ia Supernovae 272 Wang, X.F.; Zhou, X.; Zhang, T.M.; Li, Z.W.
Part 6.
Multiwavelength Observations of Core-Collapse Supernovae
Dust in Supernovae 279 Danziger, I.J.
Spectroscopic and Photometric Observations of SN IIn 1995N and Energy Estimates 285 Pastorello, A.; Aretxaga, I.; Zampieri, L.; Mucciarelli, P.; Benetti, S.
Radio Emission from Supernovae 290 Weiler, K.W.; Van Dyk, S.D.; Sramek, R.A.; Panagia, N.; Stockdale, C.J.; Montes M.J.
Highlights of VLBI Observations of Radio Supernovae 298 Marcaide, J.M.
The Caltech Core-Collapse Project (CCCP) 305 Gal-Yam, A.; Cenko, S.B.; Fox, D.W.; Leonard, D.C.; Moon, D.-S.; Sand, D.J.; Soderberg, A.M.
The Supernovae Associated with Gamma-Ray Bursts 309 Matheson, T.
Multiwavelength Observations of Gamma-Ray Bursts Afterglows 315 Pian, E.
SN 2003lw and GRB031203: a Bright Supernova for a Faint Gamma-ray Burst 321 Malesani, D.; Tagliaferri, G.; Chincarini, G.; Covino, S.; Fugazza, D.; D'Avanzo, P.; Della Valle, M.; Mazzali, P.A.
GRB 030329 and GRB 021211 Detected by HETE-2 326 Pizzichini, G.; Ferrero, P.; Gianotti, F.; Morelli, E.; HETE Team
Spectropolarimetry of Core-Collapse Supernovae 330 Leonard, D.C.; Filippenko, A.V.
Dust Signatures from Late-time Infrared and Optical Observations of SN 1998S 337 Pozzo, M.; Meikle, W.P.S.; Fassia, A.; Geballe, T.; Lundqvist, P.; Chugai, N.N.; Sollerman, J.
SN 2003gd: A Normal Type II-P Supernova? 341 Hendry, M.A.; Smartt, S.J.
XMM-Newton Detects the Beginning of the X-ray Decline of SN 1995N 343 Mucciarelli, P.; Zampieri, L.; Pastorello, A.
X-ray Lines in Gamma-ray Bursts and Cerenkov Line Emission 346 Wang, W.
Part 7.
Light Curves and Spectral Modeling
Early Spectra of Supernovae 351 Baron, E.; Nugent, P.E.; Branch, D.; Hauschildt, P.H.
Physical Properties of Type II Supernovae and Their Progenitors 358 Zampieri, L.
The Properties of Hypernovae in Gamma Ray Bursts 366 Mazzali, P.A.; Nomoto, K.; Deng, J.; Maeda, K.; Tominaga, N.
Signatures of Explosion Models of Type Ia Supernovae and Cosmology 372 Hoeflich, P.
Light Curve Models of Supernovae and X-ray Spectra of Supernova Remnants 382 Blinnikov, S.I.; Baklanov, P.V.; Kozyreva, A.V.; Sorokina, E.I.
Two Dimensional Models of the Light Curve and Nebular Spectra of SN 1998bw 389 Maeda, K.; Nomoto, K.; Mazzali, P.A.
Abundance Tomography of Type Ia Supernovae 393 Stehle, M.; Mazzali, P.A.; Benetti, S.; Hillebrandt, W.
Type Ia Supernova Diversity from 3-dimensional Models 397 Roepke, F.K.; Gieseler, M.; Hillebrandt, W.
Axisymmetric Models of Pre-supernova Rotating White Dwarfs 399 Uenishi, T.; Nomoto, K.
Quantitative Spectroscopy of Type II Supernovae 401 Dessart, L.; Hillier, D.J.
Consistent Radiative Transfer Models Including Time Dependent Energy Deposition for Type Ia Supernovae 403 Hultzsch, P.; Sauer, D.; Pauldrach, A.W.A.; Hoffmann, T.
Part 8.
Remnants and Compact Leftovers
Recent X-Ray, Optical, and Near-Infrared Observations of Supernova Remnants 409 Fesen, R.A.
Kepler's Supernova Remnant: The View at 400 Years 416 Blair, W.P.
Pulsars and Supernova Remnants 422 Chevalier, R.A.
Post-mortem Examination of SN 1572 from its Supernova Remnant 428 Badenes, C.; Borkowski, K.J.; Hwang, U.; Bravo, E.
Implications of Aging in Young Supernovae 430 Chandra, P.; Ray, A.
On the Bimodality of the Kick Velocity Distribution of Radio Pulsars 433 Popov, S.B.; Bombaci, I.
The Secular Decrease of the Crab Nebula at 927 and 151.5 MHz 435 Vinyaykin, E.N.
Is There an Acceleration Area in the Crab Nebula? 438 Li, M.; Wang, Z.R.
Part 9.
Supernovae and the Evolution of the Universe
The Accelerating Universe 443 Schmidt, B.P.
Dark Energy and Type Ia Supernovae 452 Goobar, A.
The Impact of Supernovae of Type Ia on Large Scales through the Secular Evolution of Their Rate 459 Greggio, L.
The Supernova Legacy Survey 466 Sullivan, M.; Supernova Legacy Survey Collaboration
Probing Acceleration Now with Supernovae: The PANS Higher-z Supernova Survey 471 Strolger, L.-G.; Riess, A.G.; Dahlen, T.
Type Ia Supernova Explosion Rate Measurement 480 Blanc, G.
Is the Nonhomogeneous Universe an Alternative to Friedman-Robertson-Walker with Λ? 482 Szydlowski, M.; Godlowksi, W.
Supernova Search at Intermediate-redshift.
I. Spectroscopic Analysis
486 Altavilla, G.; Ruiz-Lapuente, P.; Balastegui, A.; Mendez, J.; Benetti, S.; Irwin, M.; Schahmaneche, K.; Balland, C.; Pain, R.; Walton, N.
Supernova Search at Intermediate-redshift.
II. Host Galaxy Morphology
488 Mendez, J.; Ruiz-Lapuente, P.; Altavilla, G.; Balastegui, A.; Irwin, M.; Schamanache, K.; Balland, C.; Pain, R.; Walton, N.
Supernova Search at Intermediate-redshift.
III. Expansion Velocities of the Ejecta
490 Balastegui, A.; Ruiz-Lapuente, P.; Mendez, J.; Altavilla, G.; Irwin, M.; Schamanache, K.; Balland, C.; Pain, R.; Walton, N.
Measuring Supernova Rates with the VLT Survey Telescope 492 Botticella, M.T.; Cappellaro, E.; Riello, M.; Benetti, S.; Patat, F.; Turatto, M.; Valenti, S.; Zampieri, L.
Deep & Wide Supernova Surveys 495 Poznanski, D.; Sharon, K.; Maoz, D.; Gal-Yam, A.
Theoretician's Analysis of the Cosmological Supernova Data: Determination of Cosmological Parameters 497 Choudhury, T.R.; Padmanabhan, T.
SuperNova Legacy Survey: Overview and High-Spectroscopy 499 Howell, D.A.; Supernova Legacy Survey Collaboration
The VLT Spectroscopic Program of the SuperNova Legacy Survey 501 Basa, S.; Supernova Legacy Survey Collaboration
Deep Supernova Searches and Supernova Rates: New Predictions and Comparison to Observations 503 Sharon, K.; Poznanski, D.; Maoz, D.
Observations of a Sample of 22 Supernovae at Redshift 0.1 < z < 0.6 505 Valenti, S.; Altavilla, G.; Benetti, S.; Botticella, M.T.; Cappellaro, E.; Pastorello, A.; Patat, F.; Riello, M.; Turatto, M.; Zampieri, L.
Constraints on Dark Energy Models from Supernovae 508 Godlowksi, W.; Szydlowski, M.
Toward an Early Spectroscopic Classification of Newly Discovered Supernovae: 2003 and beyond 511 Yamaoka, H.