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Paper: Supernova Search at Intermediate-redshift.
III. Expansion Velocities of the Ejecta
Volume: 342, 1604-2004: Supernovae as Cosmological Lighthouses
Page: 490
Authors: Balastegui, A.; Ruiz-Lapuente, P.; Mendez, J.; Altavilla, G.; Irwin, M.; Schamanache, K.; Balland, C.; Pain, R.; Walton, N.
Abstract: We discuss the expansion velocities of different elements in the ejecta of the intermediate—z Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) discovered as a part of the International Time Programme (ITP) project “Ω and Λ from Supernovae and the Physics of Supernovae Explosions” at the European Northern Observatory (ENO). The expansion velocities measured for each normal SNIa are found to be within the typical velocity dispersion for their epoch. Meanwhile, the subluminous SN 2002lk SiII expansion velocity is significantly higher than that of SN 1991bg shortly after maximum. The observed phase was younger in SN2002lk than in the local subluminous SNIa SN1991bg.
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