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Paper: Deep Supernova Searches and Supernova Rates: New Predictions and Comparison to Observations
Volume: 342, 1604-2004: Supernovae as Cosmological Lighthouses
Page: 503
Authors: Sharon, K.; Poznanski, D.; Maoz, D.
Abstract: We present new predictions of observed supernova (Ia and core-collapse) redshift distributions in deep supernova (SN) surveys, for chosen model parameters (star formation history, relative fractions of SN types, initial mass function, Type Ia SN time delay, extinction), and observational setup (limiting magnitude, detection efficiency, band). Our work extends and improves upon previous such calculations in our treatment of lightcurves and K-corrections, for which we perform synthetic photometry on real spectra of nearby SNe. We compare our predictions to those of previous workers, and to actual searches we have carried out in deep Hubble Space Telescope fields, to see what part of parameter space the observations can rule out. We find improved agreement between the predictions and the observed counts of SNe vs. magnitude in deep Hubble Space Telescope surveys. In addition, we predict the SN numbers and redshift distributions in upcoming surveys that we are engaged in.
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