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Paper: Dust in Supernovae
Volume: 342, 1604-2004: Supernovae as Cosmological Lighthouses
Page: 279
Authors: Danziger, I.J.
Abstract: A survey is presented concerning what is known about dust formation associated with supernovae (SNe) explosions. Emphasis is placed on describing cases where dust forms in the expanding envelope although the presence or formation of dust in the material in the immediate vicinity of some SNe has been identified. Although the sample is small there is clearly variety in the time of formation, the distribution and the density of dust in SN envelopes. Of particular interest is the detection of dust in the inner ring surrounding SN1987A and now being heated by the impact of the outer parts of the expanding envelope on the material constituting the ring. A brief discussion of the connection between supernovae and supernovae remnants is given.
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