Title: Galaxy Evolution: Infrared to Millimeter Wavelength Perspective
Volume: 446 Year: 2011 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Weimin Wang, Zhaoqing Yang, Jianfei Lu, Zhu Chen, and Zhijian Luo
The rapid development of multi-wavelength observations of galaxies during the last decade, especially following the recent launch of the Herschel Space Telescope, has provided considerable
new insight into galaxy formation and evolution. Many
theoretical studies have also produced interesting new results.
This volume reviews our present knowledge of galaxy formation
and evolution as revealed by infrared to millimeter wavelength
observations and summarizes the impact of the most recent
observations on our current studies and future plans to probe
even deeper into the early Universe.
The conference was held at the Park Hotel, Guilin, China, and
was organized by Shanghai Normal University. The conference
brought together more than 100 participants from over 27 institutes
around the world, and the cross-fertilization of their
research studies during the meeting was most productive.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Front Matter Weimin Wang; Zhaoqing Yang; Jianfei Lu; Zhu Chen; Zhijian Luo
Conference Photos 1 Weimin Wang; Zhaoqing Yang; Jianfei Lu; Zhu Chen; Zhijian Luo
Part I. Galaxies at z < 1   
The Cosmic History of Star Formation from Spitzer Observations 3 Rieke, G. H.; Rujopakarn, W.
MIR/FIR Spectroscopic Cosmological Surveys with SAFARI-SPICA 11 Spinoglio, L.; Magliocchetti, M.; Gruppioni, C.; Franceschini, A.; Isaak, K.
Investigating Galaxy Evolution with FIR Observatories: Herschel and Beyond 23 Griffin, M. J.; Helmich, F. P.; Pilbratt, G. L.; Poglitsch, A.
The Herschel Reference Survey: Results from the Science Demonstration Phase 35 Smith, M. W. L.; SPIRE SAG2 Consortium
Molecuar Gas in Infrared Ultraluminous QSOs 43 Xia, X.-Y.
Extended Infrared Emission from (U)LIRGs 49 Charmandaris, V.
Far-Ultraviolet Luminosity as a Star Formation Rate Tracer 63 Hao, C.-N.; Kennicutt Jr., R. C.; Johnson, B. D.; Calzetti, D.; Dale, D. A.; Moustakas, J.
Major Mergers: Near and Far 69 Xu, C. K.
The Herschel Virgo Cluster Survey 77 Fritz, J.; HeViCS collaboration
The Local LIRG NGC 5135: AGN and SN Activity Traced by NIR IFU Spectroscopy 83 Bedregal, A. G.; Colina, L.; Azzollini, R.; Arribas, S.; Alonso-Herrero, A.
Plausible Boosting of Millimeter-Galaxies in the COSMOS Field by Intervening Large-Scale Structure 89 Aretxaga, I.; Wilson, G. W.; Aguilar, E.; Alberts, S.; Scott, K. S.; Scoville, N.; Yun, M. S.; Austermann, J.; Downes, T. D.; Ezawa, H.; Hatsukade, B.; Hughes, D. H.; Kawabe, R.; Kohno, K.; Oshima, T.; Perera, T. A.; Tamura, Y.; Zeballos, M.
High-Resolution Mapping of CO(3-2) in NGC 6240 97 U, V.; Wang, Z.; Sanders, D.; Fazio, G.; Chung, A.; Petitpas, G.; Iono, D.; Gao, Y.; Kewley, L.; Huang, J.; GOALS
The Application of the Multi-Dimensional Clustering Algorithm in the Field of Abell 383 103 Fu, L.; Huang, Z.; Kilbinger, M.; Radovich, M.; Grado, A.; Puddu, E.; Shu, C.; Huang, J.-S.
The Sub-mm Morphology of the Interacting Galaxy NGC 3627 111 Dumke, M.; Krause, M.; Beck, R.; Soida, M.; Urbanik, M.; Wielebinski, R.
Excess Submillimeter Emission in the Starburst Galaxy NGC 3310? 119 Zhu, M.; Papadopoulos, P. P.; Xilouris, M.; Kuno, N.; Lisenfeld, U.
The Mass-Metallicity Relation of Local Infrared-Selected Galaxies 125 Guo, R.; Hao, C.-N.
UV-to-Infrared Imaging and Spectroscopic Studies on NGC 7479 129 Zhou, Z.-M.; Cao, C.; Meng, X.-M.; Wu, H.
The Multiwavelength Study on Luminous Infrared Galaxy NGC5331 133 Lam, M.; Wu, H.; Meng, X.-M.; Zhou, Z.-M.; Zhu, Y.-N.; Cao, C.
Modeling the Double Source-Plane Gravitational Lens 137 Tu, H.; Gavazzi, R.; Limousin, M.; Cabanac, R.; Marshall, P. J.; Fort, B.; Treu, T.; Péllo, R.; Jullo, E.; Kneib, J.-P.; Sygnet, J.-F.
The Behavior of Star Formation in z ∼ 0.7 Galaxies 145 Guo, K.; Zheng, X. Z.; Fu, H.
GRB 090618: Distinct Pulse Temporal and Spectral Characteristics within a Burst 149 Zhang, F.-W.
Probing the Slope of Cluster Mass Profile with Gravitational Einstein Rings: Application to Abell 1689 155 Tu, H.; Limousin, M.; Shu, C. G.; Sygnet, J. F.; Jullo, E.; Kneib, J. P.; Richard, J.
Accretion and Jet Activities in Young Radio Galaxies 161 Wu, Q.
Effect of Galactic Wind on the Chemical Evolution of Galaxies 165 Tan, F.-F.; Chen, J.-Z.; Luo, Z.-J.
The Galactic Structure and Stellar Population in the CFHTLS Wide Fields 169 Xiao, Q. B.; Shu, C. G.; Luo, Z. J.; Shao, Z. Y.; Shen, S. Y.
The Impacts of Continuous Infall, Outflow and Star Formation on the Chemical Evolution of Galaxies 175 Zhao, H.-J.; Chen, J.-Z.; Luo, Z.-J.
Part II. Galaxies at 1 < z < 3   
The Co-Evolution Between Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies and Obscured AGNs up to z∼2.5 185 Floc'h, E. L.; the COSMOS collaboration
A Herschel View on Galaxy/AGN Co-Evolution 193 Lutz, D.; PEP consortium
On the Nature of Sub-Millimeter Galaxies 209 Dunlop, J. S.
Towards a Complete Census of High-z ULIRGs with Herschel 221 Magdis, G. E.; Elbaz, D.; Hwang, H. S.; PEP and HerMES team
Modeling Damped Lyman-α Systems at z∼ 3 227 Luo, Z. J.; Chen, J.; Mo, H.; Shu, C. G.; Huang, J. -S.; Chen, Z.
Clumpology of Starbursts in the WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey 235 Wisnioski, E.; Glazebrook, K.; Blake, C.; WIggleZ Team
Spectral Energy Distribution of Far-infrared Bright Quasar Sample in the Lockman Hole 241 Dai, Y.; Huang, J.-S.; Omont, A.; Hatziminaoglou, E.; Willmer, C.; Fazio, G.; Elvis, M.; Bergeron, J.; Rigopoulou, D.; Perez-Fournon, I.
The Nature and Evolution of Hα Emitters at High-z with HiZELS 249 Sobral, D.; Best, P.; Smail, I.; Geach, J.; HiZELS team
Understanding the Stellar Populations of Lensed Galaxies at z∼2 255 Wuyts, E.; Gladders, M. D.; Rigby, J. R.
A Near-IR Integral Field Spectroscopic Insight to Starburst Monsters at z∼2: The Case of Submillimeter Galaxies 263 Menéndez-Delmestre, K.; Blain, A. W.; Swinbank, M.; Smail, I.; Ivison, R. J.; Chapman, S. C.
A Constant Characteristic Mass for Star Forming Galaxies since z3 Revealed by Radio Emission in the COSMOS Field 269 Karim, A.; Schinnerer, E.
The Origins of the Cosmic Millimeter Background 277 Penner, K.; Pope, A.; GOODS-N AzTEC and MAMBO teams
How Much Dusty Star Formation Has Been Missed at z∼2 through UV/Optical Selections? 281 Riguccini, L.; Le Floc'h, E.
Photometric Properties of LBGs at z∼ 1 287 Chen, Z.; Shu, C. G.; Burgarella, D.; Buat, V.; Huang, J. -S.; Luo, Z. J.
Evolution of the NIR Morphologies of Disk Galaxies since z∼1: A ‘Glance' into GOODS-South with HST-WFC3 297 Azzollini, R.; Trujillo, I.; Conselice, C. J.
SEDs and NIR Morphologies of Old and Dusty Galaxies at z2 303 Wang, T.; Huang, J.; Wuyts, S.; Fang, G.; Fazio, G.; Chen, Z.; Kong, X.; Gu, Q.
Herschel/PEP Dissects the Cosmic Infrared Background 309 Berta, S.; Magnelli, B.; Nordon, R.; Lutz, D.; PEP Team
Part III. Galaxies at z > 3   
Starburst Mergers: The IR Luminosity Function at High-z 319 Scoville, N.
The JWST-NIRCam View of Galaxy Evolution 331 Rieke, M.
ALMA: Science, Status, and International Collaborations in Astronomy 339 Schreier, E. J.
SEDS: Spitzer Extended Deep Survey 347 Fazio, G. G.; SEDS Team
Constraints on the Star-Forming Interstellar Medium in Galaxies Back to the First Billion Years of Cosmic Time 355 Riechers, D. A.
Spitzer Infrared Properties of Lyman α Emitters 369 Colbert, J. W.; Scarlata, C.; Atek, H.; Teplitz, H.
Using the Bullet Cluster as a Gravitational Telescope to Study z∼7 Lyman Break Galaxies with WFC3 Imaging 377 Hall, N.
Optical to FIR SED of Lyα Emitters 383 Oteo, I.; Bongiovanni, A.; Pérez García, A. M.; Cepa, J.; Ederoclite, A.; Sánchez-Portal, M.; PEP team
Dust Grain Growth in the Interstellar Medium of Galaxies at Redshifts 4 < z < 6.5 387 Michalowski, M. J.; Murphy, E. J.; Hjorth, J.; Watson, D.; Gall, C.; Dunlop, J. S.
Decomposition of Cosmic Shear E-/B-Mode on a Finite Interval 393 Xu, J.; Fu, L.; Kilbinger, M.
Dark Matter Annihilation and the Cusp Problem 401 Ding, R.; Luo, Z.; Fu, L.; Chen, J.; Shu, C.
Part IV. Summary   
Summary and Concluding Remarks 411 Sanders, D. B.
Back Matter   
Back Matter 424 Weimin Wang; Zhaoqing Yang; Jianfei Lu; Zhu Chen; Zhijian Luo