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Paper: The Co-Evolution Between Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies and Obscured AGNs up to z∼2.5
Volume: 446, Galaxy Evolution: Infrared to Millimeter Wavelength Perspective
Page: 185
Authors: Floc'h, E. L.; the COSMOS collaboration
Abstract: Using the multi-wavelength COSMOS survey we investigate the co-evolution of star-forming galaxies and obscured AGNs at the bright end of the luminosity function up to z∼2. To achieve this goal we use a complete sample of 24μm selected sources, most of which have reliable identifications at optical wavelengths and accurate photometric redshifts. Using IRAC and MIPS color selection criteria we separate the sample into galaxies dominated by star formation and galaxies dominated by nuclear accretion. We find that at all redshifts these obscured AGNs dominate the galaxy luminosity function at the highest bolometric luminosities. Their comoving space density increases with redshift in parallel to the evolution of star-forming sources.
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