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Paper: Photometric Properties of LBGs at z∼ 1
Volume: 446, Galaxy Evolution: Infrared to Millimeter Wavelength Perspective
Page: 287
Authors: Chen, Z.; Shu, C. G.; Burgarella, D.; Buat, V.; Huang, J. -S.; Luo, Z. J.
Abstract: After carefully cross-identifying the LBG candidates selected by FUV–NUV >2 from GALAX one-to-one with their optical counterparts and considering their re-estimated photometric redshifts, we redefine a new updated sample of 379 LBGs at 0.7 ∼< z ∼< 1.4. It is found that most of the LBGs are classified as starburst types with about 1/4 of them as irregular types and very few as Sbc and Scd types. They locate in the star forming sequence in the plane of star formation rate and stellar mass, rather than the main sequence as expected. The star formation rates (SFRs) and the stellar masses (M*) of the LBGs are from 4my to 220my and from 2.2× 108 msun to 7.7×1011 msun with their median values of ∼ 25my and ∼ 1010 msun, respectively. A “downsizing” effect is clearly found for the LBGs and it is more significant from later to earlier spectral type LBGs. The LBGs distribute in the “blue” cloud in the color-stellar mass diagram, and they are on average redder for earlier types. We suggest that star forming galaxies, at least the LBGs in our sample, evolve along the blue “cloud” from later to earlier types.
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