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Paper: The Multiwavelength Study on Luminous Infrared Galaxy NGC5331
Volume: 446, Galaxy Evolution: Infrared to Millimeter Wavelength Perspective
Page: 133
Authors: Lam, M.; Wu, H.; Meng, X.-M.; Zhou, Z.-M.; Zhu, Y.-N.; Cao, C.
Abstract: In order to investigate the major merger influence on galaxies, we present a multiwavelength study of star formation in luminous infrared galaxies, NGC5331. We make the photometry, based on Spitzer Space Telescope and National Astromical Observatories of Chinese Academy of Science 2.16m telescope. Our population analysis base on the it STARLIGHT synthesis code with 2.16 spectroscopies. With the CO different transitions from literature, we study the molecular gas temperatures and densities by using the Large Scale Model(LVG). Comparing with the simulation results, we infer that NGC5331 is a middle stage interation system, the galaxies pair will encounter again for further interation in the future.
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