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Paper: Spitzer Infrared Properties of Lyman α Emitters
Volume: 446, Galaxy Evolution: Infrared to Millimeter Wavelength Perspective
Page: 369
Authors: Colbert, J. W.; Scarlata, C.; Atek, H.; Teplitz, H.
Abstract: We present results on the infrared properties of Lyman α emitters. At z=0.3 we demonstrate that our sample of 50 GALEX-identified emitters possess the same extinction properties as similarly ultraviolet-bright galaxies at the same redshift. The AGN fraction for these z=0.3 sources is low, 10-20%, and they show no correlation between Lyα flux and total infrared luminosity. At z=2.4-3.1 we discuss a sample of Lyman α blobs. Roughly two thirds of these blobs have infrared counterparts with infrared and sub-mm colors indicating they are dominated by star formation. Of the six IRS spectra taken of blob counterparts, four show PAH features. Their equivalent widths indicate two are strongly star formation dominated, while the other two are mixed sources with a significant contribution from an AGN.
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