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Paper: Clumpology of Starbursts in the WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey
Volume: 446, Galaxy Evolution: Infrared to Millimeter Wavelength Perspective
Page: 235
Authors: Wisnioski, E.; Glazebrook, K.; Blake, C.; WIggleZ Team
Abstract: We have observed Hα emission from a sample of 13 star-forming galaxies from the WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey in the redshift range z∼1.2–1.5 and stellar mass range 9.8 < log(M*/M)< 11.6 with the integral field spectrograph OSIRIS on Keck, taking advantage of Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics. We detect multiple emission, 1–2 kpc size sub-components, or ‘clumps’ within the Hα spatial emission in 4 galaxies, extended emission in 4 galaxies and compact spheroidal emission in 5 galaxies. Considering our results in the context of unstable disk formation and a merger sequence, we find evidence of ordered orbital motion in the majority of galaxies as would be found in unstable gaseous disks.
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