Title: Observational Aspects of Pulsating B and A Stars
Volume: 256 Year: 2002 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Sterken, Christiaan; Kurtz, Donald W.
ISBN: 1-58381-096-X eISBN: 978-1-58381-592-2
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Paper Title Page Authors
Alan Cousins (1903--2001): a life in astronomy 1 Kilkenny, David
Omega Orionis and the Be stars 9 Balona, L. A.; Handler, G.; Aerts, C.; Bozic, H.; Guinan, E. F.; James, D. J.; Kaye, A. B.; Shobbrook, R. R.
Global campaigns on Delta Scuti stars: observational considerations 17 Breger, Michel
The discovery and study of delta Scuti pulsation in pre-main sequence stars 31 Kurtz, D. W.
Photometric and spectroscopic reduction techniques 43 Balona, L. A.
Application of the O-C technique in the pulsating pre-white dwarf star PG0122+200 51 Fu, J.-N.; Vauclair, G.; Dolez, N.
Are the low-order spectroscopic modes really different from the photometric ones in theta Tucanae? 57 Paparo, M.
XX Pyxidis: the Mummy returns 71 Handler, G.
Period changes in V1162 Orionis 79 Arentoft, T.; Sterken, C.
On the trend of mode typing by colour 91 Sterken, C.
Autocorrelation analysis of Hipparcos photometry of short-period A and B stars 99 Percy, John R.; Au-Yong, Katrina; Gilmour-Taylor, Geoffrey; Hosick, Joanne; Kincaide, Heather; Pang, Ceci; Wilson, Joseph B.
Multi-site observations of rapidly oscillating Ap stars: HD99563 and HD122970 109 Handler, G.; Weiss, W. W.; Shobbrook, R. R.; Garrido, R.; Paunzen, E.; Hempel, A.; Moalusi, M. B.; Anguma, S. K.; Kalebwe, P. C.; Guzik, J. A.; Beach, T. E.; Me Dupe, R.; Chagnon, F.; Matthews, J. M.; Reegen, P.; Granzer, T.
New bright candidate delta Scuti stars from the HIPPARCOS unsolved variables 113 Handler, G.
A progress report on the search for delta Scuti pulsations of gamma Doradus candidates in the classical instability strip 117 Handler, G.; Shobbrook, R. R.
Photometry of Delta Serpentis: results of three campaigns 119 Hobart, M. A.; De La Cruz, C.; Rolland, A.; Olivares, I.; Costa, V.; Rodríguez, E.; López de Coca, P.; García-Pelayo, J.M.; Parrao, L.; Peña, J. H.
A photometric study of GSC2683--3076 125 Zhou, A.-Y.; Rodriguez, E.
Pulsation in delta Scuti variables: the case of BR Cnc 133 Zhou, A.-Y.; Rodriguez, E.; Rolland, A.; Costa, V.
Pre-main sequence delta Scuti variables 137 Rodriguez, E.
Multiperiodicity and physical nature of the delta Scuti star HD129231 141 Rodriguez, E.; Lopez-Gonzalez, M. J.; Rolland, A.; Costa, V.; Gonzalez-Bedolla, S. F.
AC And-type variables 145 Rodriguez, E.
Observational aspects of two Delta Scuti variables in binaries or multiple stars: Theta 2 Tau and RS Cha 149 Lampens, P.
RY Lep: a dwarf Cepheid hits a midlife crisis 173 Laney, C. D.; Joner, M.; Schwendiman, L.
44 Tau: a slowly rotating delta Scuti star 179 Antoci, V.; Rodler, F.
A search for new variable stars in NGC6231 183 Sterken, C.; Knudsen, M. R.; Duerbeck, H. W.; Arentoft, T.; Freyhammer, L. M.; Pompei, E.; Delahodde, C. E.; Cortes, J.; Clasen, J. W.; Nuspl, J.
Four new variable stars in NGC4755 199 Stankov, Anamarija; Zima, Wolfgang
The gamma Doradus stars campaign 203 Eyer, Laurent; Aerts, Conny; van Loon, Mieke; Bouckaert, Filip; Cuypers, Jan
Observing stellar clusters with MONS/Romer 219 Kjeldsen, Hans; Grundahl, Frank
COROT/MONS ground-support observations for typing pulsation modes of delta Scuti stars 231 Poretti, Ennio; Mantegazza, Luciano
The final helium flash object V4334 Sgr (Sakurai's Object) - an overview 237 Duerbeck, Hilmar W.
Oscillating Blue Stragglers in Galactic globular clusters 249 Bono, G.; Caputo, F.; Marconi, M.; Santolamazza, P.
The Central Asian Network collaboration: first results on studies of pulsating components of eclipsing binaries 259 Mkrtichian, D. E.; Kusakin, A. V.; Gamarova, A. Yu.; Rodriguez, E.; Kim, S. L.; Kim, C.; Janiashvili, E. B.; Kuratov, K. S.; Mukhamednazarov, S.
The Fourier decomposition of the light curves of High Amplitude Delta Scuti Stars in the OGLE-I database 269 Poretti, Ennio
Astronomy in Ethiopia 279 Kebede, Legesse W.
Cerro Armazones Observatory 285 Barrera, S.; Luis, H.
Pulsation of λ Bootis stars: who wants to be a (non-)millionnaire interested in diffusion theories? 287 Matthews, Jaymie M.