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Paper: Observing stellar clusters with MONS/Romer
Volume: 256, Observational Aspects of Pulsating B and A Stars
Page: 219
Authors: Kjeldsen, Hans; Grundahl, Frank
Abstract: The purpose of MONS (Measuring Oscillations in Nearby Stars) is to strengthen the fundamental basis of astrophysics which stellar astrophysics provides. This will be done by measuring stellar oscillations in a number of bright stars at a greatly improved level of sensitivity. Faint neighbouring stars close to the bright main target may come in and out of the field of view or faint neighbouring stars in the field of view may be variable. Unless this is corrected for, it will degrade the photometric precision of the main data set and may give rise to false oscillation signals. We therefore require that a Field Monitor be included in the MONS payload. However, monitoring the central field of view does not require a duty cycle of 100%. It is therefore possible to perform parallel science on the MONS Field Monitor while monitoring the central field. Since the field of view of the MONS Field Monitor is comparable to the angular size of the nearby open clusters, we plan to do time series photometry on one or two stellar clusters during the MONS mission. The most likely cluster to be observed is the Hyades cluster and in this paper we describe how one may obtain time series photometry on a large number of individual stars in this interesting nearby stellar cluster.
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