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Paper: Photometry of Delta Serpentis: results of three campaigns
Volume: 256, Observational Aspects of Pulsating B and A Stars
Page: 119
Authors: Hobart, M. A.; De La Cruz, C.; Rolland, A.; Olivares, I.; Costa, V.; Rodríguez, E.; López de Coca, P.; García-Pelayo, J.M.; Parrao, L.; Peña, J. H.
Abstract: We present preliminary results derived from the data obtained during the three observing campaigns in 1984, 1996 (coordinated multisite campaigns in Mexico and Spain), and 1999 of the delta Sct type star delta Ser. In all cases, we have carried out simultaneous uvbybeta photometry. Data analysis in the v band, using the Fourier Transform method, shows five significant frequencies.
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