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Paper: RY Lep: a dwarf Cepheid hits a midlife crisis
Volume: 256, Observational Aspects of Pulsating B and A Stars
Page: 173
Authors: Laney, C. D.; Joner, M.; Schwendiman, L.
Abstract: RY Lep is a dwarf Cepheid (HADS) with a period of about 0.2251d. Published optical photometry and JK photometry from 1985-97 appeared to show stable monoperiodic behaviour, but radial velocities and infra-red photometry from 2000 January -February show aperiodic (or possibly multiperiodic) variations not consistent with previous observations. An apparently similar anomalous interval can be seen in the hipparcos epoch photometry. RY Lep appears to have a normal temperature, radius and luminosity for a HADS with a period of 0.225d, occasional bursts of weirdness notwithstanding. Although the radial velocities clearly show binary motion, the period is more than 500d, making binary interaction unlikely.
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