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Paper: The discovery and study of delta Scuti pulsation in pre-main sequence stars
Volume: 256, Observational Aspects of Pulsating B and A Stars
Page: 31
Authors: Kurtz, D. W.
Abstract: Asteroseismology of pre-main sequence delta Sct stars has the potential to test models of these stars, and it has the possibility to detect evolutionary period changes, thus providing a direct measure of the pre-main sequence evolutionary time-scale. There are now nine known pre-main sequence delta Sct stars, and searches now being conducted are likely to increase that number. None has yet been studied well enough that even the highest amplitude frequency is unambiguous, so confident theoretical interpretation awaits better observations. These stars are excellent candidates for multi-site observations of the type pursued under the Flanders-South Africa project, and, of the nine, one was discovered (HD142666) and another confirmed (HD104237) as part of the project. Important observations, especially for long-term detection of frequency variability, are possible for these stars using small telescopes.
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